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AISI: American Iron and Steel Institute

ASTM: American Society for Testing Materials. (One of the biggest standard developers in the world)


The difference between these bodies is that AISI is only concerned with iron and steel products, as the name indicates. Whereas ASTM is concerned with several other products including pastics, rubber, fossil fuels, electrical and electronic devices and many more.


Extra info:

ASTM standards can be devided into six different categories:

- Specifications: To define the requirements.

- Test method: To define how the test is made and determine the precision of the results.

- Guide: This one provides options and information, where the difference between knowledge and information is clearly divided (with context vs without context).

- Practice: To define the sequence of operation.

- Classification: To group the materials with similar characteristics and further divided according to products, system and service.

- Terminology: To define and maintain the definition of each term.