Anemo appears in Fastener Technology International June 2020

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Anemo apeared in fastener Technology International magazine edition June 2020
Volume 43, number 3 (June/July 2020)

The article features our search for distributors for Turnlock, this article shows our specific search for a distributor in Japan, we do however welcome other distributors from other regions throughout the world, says Managing Director, Bart Vandezande

We have a dedicated website for Turnlock in Japan:




Here is the full text:

Anemo is Looking for Distributor of "Turnlock" in Japan.

Anemo Engineering, based in Belgium, is looking for a distributor in Japan for the company's "Turnlock".  A fastener that facilitates the fastening and removal of two panels, and developed for use in the aerospace industry, the Turnlock is a product also utilized in a variety of application fields, mainly in the USA market.

The Turnlock is one of Anemo Engineering's brand names.  The fastener head of the Turnlock can be tightened and removed safely and easily just by pinching it with your fingers and then turning it a quarter turn.  The Turnlock is reportedly the best fastener for assembly operations due to the fact that can be opened and closed quickly.  It is composed of several pieces such as studs with spring function and holding washers, and is strong against vibration and highly durable.  In addition to products that can be removed with your fingers, there are also products that use ordinary tools such as a cross screwdriver, spanner or hexagon wrench.

The company intends to develop a full-scale business in Japan, where the market size was small so far.

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