Anemo in het wekelijk nieuws, krijg 250 euro als je ons helpt zoeken naar een kandidaat, op de foto met Imao, leverancier uit Japan

We verschenen met Anemo in het Wekelijk nieuws. 
krijg 250 euro als je ons helpt met het vinden van de juiste kandidaat!

we zoeken naar:

1) technical sales advisor USA & Canada
2) websales administrator

Op de foto onze leverancier van links naar rechts:
Mr. Katsuya Imao (managing director IMAO) Bart Vandezande (managing director ANEMO) , Atsushi Shimizu (international sales engineering IMAO)
Imao is een bedrijf met 250 mensen, waarbij Anemo exclusief distributeur is voor de Benelux.
de producten van Imao

het artikel beschrijft ook hoe Bart trainingen geeft aan studenten om zelfstandig te worden, feedback van de scholen kan je hier lezen.


Translation of the article:


UNFINDABLE: an employee responsibe for the American market


Anemo Engineering from Mr. Bart Vandezande from Leisele serves the whole world with fasteners for specific applications.
They just sold parts for the International Space Station.  The company requires urgently an employee working on the american market.  But they don't find him/here.

Article written by Myriam Van Den Putte

Just recently Anemo Engineering was in the news, becasue they are working on a project for the NASA.  Their fasteners would be used on a 3D printer and shredder for the astronautes.  The american market is an important market for the company of Bart, because it is one third of his sales.  For that reason he is looking for an employee responsible for that market, but is unable to find him.


Bart knows very well why he has difficulties in finding someone. "My company is located in the most Western part of the country with two borders: France and the sea.  Furthermore the village Alveringem is the less populated area of Flanders.  To find people I'm limited to the areas of Oostende, Veurne and Diksmuide, maximum until Ypres.  When I employ people I aim to have a long working relationship.  For that reason: Living-work distance is important.
I have aimed for along time for people with a bachelor degree in mechanics.  But I realised that only 65 new ones finish their studies per year in West Flanders.  Of which half of them continue to study. to get their master degree.  The other half maybe 6 live at an acceptable distance.  Then furthermore, from these six, how many are technical and commercial skilled and have the interest in what Anemo does.

I had to change my way of searching, and am ready to accept people without a technical background, says Bart.  When the interest is there and a good contact, then I'm okay to train somebody, but an outstanding language skill is a must.
The VDAB is a an important source to find candidates.  But I pro-actively try to find people through the technical schools says Bart Vandezande.  Through VLAJO (Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) I have given trainings to universities in Kortrijk, Ghent and Ostend to motivate people to start up their own company.  Although I've made many contacts, no result though.  I'd like to start with an internship, if that person has the correct attitude, then we can get  very far!  Proof of this is that one day I have been to Lille in France, overthere I've found somebody who started in an internship, this person still works at Anemo.


Through social media I've doen a call for help said Bart Vandezande.  I offered 250 euro for anyone who can present me a candidate that would be at least 6 months working in the company.  I never had to pay this.  But I have to admit that social media is a good channel because share information can give results.  It is also important that my future employee cann work with all the means the internet offers.  In fact the profile that I'm looking for is not that difficult: somebody with an internet-mindset feeling, sufficient interest in technique, and a decent knowledge of English.  Somebody that wants to work on the international reputation of Anemo.  Together with VOKA and RESOC I'm promoting the advantages this region of the country has to come to work, to live and to entrepreneur.