Can you advise the Pozi screw size (eg Pozi #2 or #3?) of D40S5-*AGV 4002F series

Can you advise the  Pozi screw size (eg Pozi #2 or #3?) of the D40S5-*AGV 4002F series?

Well it's not pozi screw size #2. it's a regular cross recess size 2 (NASM 9006).


this is valid for

40S5-1 40S5-1S 40S5-1C 40S5-1D D40S5-1AGV D40S5-1BP
40S5-2 40S5-2S 40S5-2C 40S5-2D D40S5-2AGV D40S5-2BP
40S5-3 40S5-3S 40S5-3C 40S5-3D D40S5-3AGV D40S5-3BP
40S5-4 40S5-4S 40S5-4C 40S5-4D D40S5-4AGV D40S5-4BP
40S5-5 40S5-5S 40S5-5C 40S5-5D D40S5-5AGV D40S5-5BP
40S5-6 40S5-6S 40S5-6C 40S5-6D D40S5-6AGV D40S5-6BP
40S5-7 40S5-7S 40S5-7C 40S5-7D D40S5-7AGV D40S5-7BP
40S5-8 40S5-8S 40S5-8C 40S5-8D D40S5-8AGV D40S5-8BP
40S5-9 40S5-9S 40S5-9C 40S5-9D D40S5-9AGV D40S5-9BP
40S5-10 40S5-10S 40S5-10C 40S5-10D D40S5-10AGV D40S5-10BP
40S5-11 40S5-11S 40S5-11C 40S5-11D D40S5-11AGV D40S5-11BP
40S5-12 40S5-12S 40S5-12C 40S5-12D D40S5-12AGV D40S5-12BP
40S5-13 40S5-13S 40S5-13C 40S5-13D D40S5-13AGV D40S5-13BP
40S5-14 40S5-14S 40S5-14C 40S5-14D D40S5-14AGV D40S5-14BP
40S5-15 40S5-15S 40S5-15C 40S5-15D D40S5-15AGV D40S5-15BP
40S5-16 40S5-16S 40S5-16C 40S5-16D D40S5-16AGV D40S5-16BP
40S5-17 40S5-17S 40S5-17C 40S5-17D D40S5-17AGV D40S5-17BP
40S5-18 40S5-18S 40S5-18C 40S5-18D D40S5-18AGV D40S5-18BP
40S5-19 40S5-19S 40S5-19C 40S5-19D D40S5-19AGV D40S5-19BP
40S5-20 40S5-20S 40S5-20C 40S5-20D D40S5-20AGV D40S5-20BP
40S5-21 40S5-21S 40S5-21C 40S5-21D D40S5-21AGV D40S5-21BP
40S5-22 40S5-22S 40S5-22C 40S5-22D D40S5-22AGV D40S5-22BP
40S5-23 40S5-23S 40S5-23C 40S5-23D D40S5-23AGV D40S5-23BP
40S5-24 40S5-24S 40S5-24C 40S5-24D D40S5-24AGV D40S5-24BP
40S5-25 40S5-25S 40S5-25C 40S5-25D D40S5-25AGV D40S5-25BP
40S5-26 40S5-26S 40S5-26C 40S5-26D D40S5-26AGV D40S5-26BP
40S5-27 40S5-27S 40S5-27C 40S5-27D D40S5-27AGV D40S5-27BP
40S5-28 40S5-28S 40S5-28C 40S5-28D D40S5-28AGV D40S5-28BP
40S5-29 40S5-29S 40S5-29C 40S5-29D D40S5-29AGV D40S5-29BP
40S5-30 40S5-30S 40S5-30C 40S5-30D D40S5-30AGV D40S5-30BP
40S5-31 40S5-31S 40S5-31C 40S5-31D D40S5-31AGV D40S5-31BP
40S5-32 40S5-32S 40S5-32C 40S5-32D D40S5-32AGV D40S5-32BP
40S5-33 40S5-33S 40S5-33C 40S5-33D D40S5-33AGV D40S5-33BP
40S5-34 40S5-34S 40S5-34C 40S5-34D D40S5-34AGV D40S5-34BP
40S5-35 40S5-35S 40S5-35C 40S5-35D D40S5-35AGV D40S5-35BP
40S5-36 40S5-36S 40S5-36C 40S5-36D D40S5-36AGV D40S5-36BP
40S5-37 40S5-37S 40S5-37C 40S5-37D D40S5-37AGV D40S5-37BP
40S5-38 40S5-38S 40S5-38C 40S5-38D D40S5-38AGV D40S5-38BP
40S5-39 40S5-39S 40S5-39C 40S5-39D D40S5-39AGV D40S5-39BP
40S5-40 40S5-40S 40S5-40C 40S5-40D D40S5-40AGV D40S5-40BP
40S5-41 40S5-41S 40S5-41C 40S5-41D D40S5-41AGV D40S5-41BP
40S5-42 40S5-42S 40S5-42C 40S5-42D D40S5-42AGV D40S5-42BP
40S5-43 40S5-43S 40S5-43C 40S5-43D D40S5-43AGV D40S5-43BP
40S5-44 40S5-44S 40S5-44C 40S5-44D D40S5-44AGV D40S5-44BP
40S5-45 40S5-45S 40S5-45C 40S5-45D D40S5-45AGV D40S5-45BP