Can you provide part number 7C27-5AA?

Can you provide part number 7C27-5AA?

Yes, Anemo Enginerrig provides the 7C27-5AA hose clamp.

The minimum is 200 pieces with a delay of 20 to 26 weeks.

You can find below the various references of this 7C series:
7c27-5AA 7C27-5BA 7C27-6AA
7C27-6BA 7C27-7AA 7C27-7BA
7C27-8AA 7C27-8BA 7C27-9AA
7C27-9BA 7C27-10AA 7C27-10BA
7C27-11AA 7C27-11BA 7C27-12AA
7C27-12BA 7C27-13AA 7C27-13BA
7C27-14AA 7C27-14BA 7C27-15AA
7C27-15BA 7C27-16AA 7C27-16BA
7C27-17AA 7C27-17BA 7C27-18AA
7C27-18BA 7C27-19AA 7C27-19BA
7C27-20AA 7C27-20BA 7C27-21AA
7C27-21BA 7C27-22AA 7C27-22BA

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