Can you supply replacement tips for tool p/n 2383HT01-1AY Swaging stud insertion guide tool?


Can you supply replacement tips for tool p/n 2383HT01-1AY  Swaging stud insertion guide tool?

Our mechanics were trying to replace camloc fasteners on one of our Bombardier Q400 aircraft when they broke the tooling supplied by you.

Is there a tool missing in the procedure that cuts the swaging of the damaged camloc to ease removal.


As the tool was not used for his original purpose.

We can offer the broken parts as spare parts and of course the deinstallation tool.

The customer has used for disinstallation the installation tool, this cannot function, and due to that reason, the counterpiece has broken.

When you look to the tension bolt you see the wristling at the place it was broken due to the too high pull strength.

For disintallation you need to use the tool 2383RT01-1AY.

The disinstallation is explained here:


here you see how the new tension bolt looks like:

this is part number 2383HT01-04-2AY and is used inside all 2383HT01 hand swaging tools

the counter beiring is part 2383RT01-06-1AY and can always be purchased seperately



customer has to buy

tension bolt 2383HT01-04-2AY
counter bearing 2383RT01-06-1AY
or the disinstallation tool that includes already the counter bearing 2383RT01-1AY