do you have any tamper proof parts of the D4002-series?

do you have any tamper proof parts of the D4002-series?


Yes, we have the part 40S80-* available.

The part 40S80-* is tamper proof resistant.

40S80-* resembles the tamper proof part of the 2600 series 1593S01-*AE.

The part 40S80-* is available in steel with a zinc plating or zinc plating with yellow chromate finish, and in stainless steel.

Steel cadmium plated of 40S80-* is no longer available since cadmium plating is not RoHS conform!


Here are the suffix letters for each type of plating:


Plating P/N  
Cadmium plating (no longer available) 40S80-*A  
Stainless steel 40S80-*B  
Steel zinc plating 40S80-*C 40S80-*D
Steel zinc plating with yellow chromate 40S80-*E  


As you can notice in the table above, there are both 40S80-*C and 40S80-*D noted on steel zinc plating.

This is due to the fact the 40S80-*D doesn't have any markings on it, while 40S80-*C does.


Here are the different stud lengths available of the part 40S80-*



P/N Stainless steel Steel Zinc plating

Steel Zinc plating

(no markings)

Steel Zinc plating,

yellow chromate

40S80-1 40S80-1B 40S80-1C 40S80-1D 40S80-1E
40S80-2 40S80-2B 40S80-2C 40S80-2D 40S80-2E
40S80-3 40S80-3B 40S80-3C 40S80-3D 40S80-3E
40S80-4 40S80-4B 40S80-4C 40S80-4D 40S80-4E
40S80-5 40S80-5B 40S80-5C 40S80-5D 40S80-5E
40S80-6 40S80-6B 40S80-6C 40S80-6D 40S80-6E
40S80-7 40S80-7B 40S80-7C 40S80-7D 40S80-7E
40S80-8 40S80-8B 40S80-8C 40S80-8D 40S80-8E
40S80-9 40S80-9B 40S80-9C 40S80-9D 40S80-9E
40S80-10 40S80-10B 40S80-10C 40S80-10D 40S80-10E
40S80-11 40S80-11B 40S80-11C 40S80-11D 40S80-11E
40S80-12 40S80-12B 40S80-12C 40S80-12D 40S80-12E
40S80-13 40S80-13B 40S80-13C 40S80-13D 40S80-13E
40S80-14 40S80-14B 40S80-14C 40S80-14D 40S80-14E
40S80-15 40S80-15B 40S80-15C 40S80-15D 40S80-15E



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