Do you have Elesa+Ganter GN-851.2 available in stainless steel ?

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The Elesa+Ganter GN-851.2 latch clamp is made of zinc-plated steel material.
In a lot of applications however stainless steel is needed or advised ... !

How to get Elesa+Ganter GN-851.2 latch clamps in stainless steel 304 or 316 ?
Steelsmith is producing the similar latchclamp, both in stainless 304 and 316 material.

In all applications where stainless steel material must be used, the Elesa+Ganter GN-851.2
model is replaced now by the new Steelsmith models :
PAH-320/T4-SS (for Stainless Steel 304)
PAH-320/T4-SS-316 (for Stainless Steel 316)

Hereunder you will find a photo of the Elesa+Ganter GN-851.2 latch clamp in Stainless Steel.

Elesa Ganter GN-851.2-320-T4 stainless steel

Elesa Ganter GN-851.2-320-T4 stainless steel


All Elesa+Ganter GN-851,2 latch clamps that can be changed by Steelsmith stainless steel clamps :

Latch clamps Elesa+Ganter
GN-851.2-160-T4  ------------------> Steelsmith PAH-160/T4-SS
GN-851.2-320-T4  ------------------> Steelsmith PAH-320/T4-SS
GN-851.2-700-T4 -------------------> Steelsmith PAH-700/T4-SS
GN-851.2-160-T ---------------------> Steelsmith PAH-160/T-SS
GN-851.2-320-T ---------------------> Steelsmith PAH-320/T-SS
GN-851.2-700-T ---------------------> Steelsmith PAH-700/T-SS

These new stainless steel clamps from Steelsmith are better than the  Elesa+Ganter GN-851.2 latch clamp and well-suited for outdoor use and food processing, as well as plating,  finishing chemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing and high-temperature environments.

Anemo Engineering has the stainless steel latch clamps from Steelsmith ready for your application.