Do you have shims to compensate variable panel thickness with the high duty turnlocks?

Yes we have shims available from stock.
The advantage of a shim is that you will not need to change the turnlock stud part, as the shim will compensate for thickness you might not have enough in a certain panel.  this typically happens with carbon fibre panels, where thickness can vary on different spots.

HHS = high duty high strength series

 If you want to have a higher clamping force, then an extra shim or distance plate will do the job.

The material this shim is made of is black POM = plastic.  it cannot be compressed, so you can add several shims at the time.
The available sizes are:

HHSS08R 0,8mm
HHSS10R 1,0mm
HHSS15R 1.5mm
HHSS20R 2,0mm

shim thickness of HHS series

 black shim HHS series




HGR = high duty grommet retainined series

Aluminium shims offer an ideal solution to increase the panel thickness, and to have more flexibility in using a longer stud length that might be available of the shelf.

shims are used to compensate carbon panels that do not have consistent same thickness. 
There are two standard shims available
HGRS08A which adds a thickness of 0.8mm = t
HGRS15A which ads a thickness of 1.5mm = t

These shims should be only used with non floating receptacles: so please use them only with HGRR33BZ , HGRR33S , HGRRN33BZ and HGRRE33BZ

shim for high duty grommet retained receptacles

aluminium shim HGR series