Camlock locks accessories

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camlock protective collar PC1 PC1S

Protective collar

Chrome plated = PC1 ; stainless steel = PC1S



camlock wood washer to prevent rotation of the lock WW1

Wood washer to prevent camlock rotation VW1



camlock nylon washer for glass fitment of the lock MW1

Nylon washer for glass applications – MW1



camlock space washer to reduce the effective length of the lock SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 SW5 SW6

Nylon washer for glass applications – MW1



camlock dust cap horizontal opening T105

Dust cap

Vertical opening T104 or horizontal opening T105



camlock locking plate LP1

Locking plate LP1



camlock hexagonal sleeve nut SN1

Hexagonal sleeve nut SN1



camlock fast fit spring clip SC1

Fast fit spring clip SC1



camlock quick release fastener P347C P347S-25

Quick release fastener P347/P347S-25



camlock gasketing




camlock padlocks 188 series

Padlocks 188 series



camlock bar padlocks

bar padlock




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