Fast-Fitt fastening systems are modular fastening systems, specially designed to fasten chairs and cargo.
The Fast-Fitt systems are designed to give you the possibility to quickly install and remove your layout with minimum effort.

The first sector for which the Fast Fitt system was designed, is the transport sector.
The Fast-Fitt sytems is very handy for transport purposes, as well for air, road and railway.
It allows you to fasten various sizes of cargo, by merely adjusting the positions of the fastening connections along the rails.

The second market for the Fast-Fitt system, is the enterainment sector: theatre, movie, concerts,...
The Fast-Fitt systems can be used to quickly arrange your seating layout, according to your needs of the evening.

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The Fast-Fitt system has only 3 components, which reduces the complecity of fastening:

Fast-Fitt Tracks The Fast-Fitt tracks are mounted on or into your floor. They serve as the guide and connection plate of the fastening fittings.



Fast-Fitt Fittings

The Fast-Fitt fastening fittings are moved along the tracks to the desired position. Depending the used fitting you can then secure the chair or cargo with the fitting or create a anchor point for the fastening net or belt.

Fast-Fitt Belts & Nets The Fast-Fitt belts and nets are used to actually secure your cargo into place. By using the Fast-Fitt fittings as anchor point, you can secure the cargo in the desired location.