How to avoid breaking the nose piece 3352TH1032AY

How to avoid breaking the nose piece 3352TH1032AY?

Since the nose piece is made out of hardened steel, it will break and not deform:



This can be a number of reasons, however, the most likely one is because of the too high pressure.


The 3352TH1032AY is the smallest version of the imperial nose pieces.


It has a diameter of only 4.6mm, so it doesn't take much, even slightly mishandling the tool or dropping the tool, will cause it to break.


In order for the pneumatic tool to work, you need dry air pressure between 70-100 PSI.


Usually companies put the pressure up to 100 PSI.


If you then install a small nose pieces like 3352TH1032AY or 3352TM5x0,8AY , without adjusting the pressure it will cause the nose piece to wear, which in turn causes the nose piece to have a shorter life span.


So the prevent this, you can adjust the pressure internally of the tool with the red hexagon key that will be included in the case of the pneumatic tool:



You'll need the tool to be able to press in the kees, but that's it, more pressure than required will cause the nose piece to wear.


To set the tool up to the perfect adjustment:


  1. Turn the adjustment key (above picture) all the way down to the lowest point
  2. Use the tool to install 2 inserts so the pressure is internally regulated
  3. Check if the keys are pressed in completely
  4. If not, turn the pressure up half a revolution with the adjustment key
  5. Repeat until you have the correct internal pressure of the tool


There is no setting to have this pressure on standard, since the amount of pressure/force you'll need depends on the following factors:


  1. Parent material
  2. Size of the inserts
  3. Hole preparation and desired depth of kees


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