How do the dual key locks work?

This high quality, special purpose camlock can be operated only when the holders of two different keys are in attendance. The double security makes it ideally suited for use in cash collection, to prevent dishonesty, and in restricted access or commercially sensitive situations where two key holders are required to be present, for example an operator and a supervisor. This camlock can be retrofitted to most popular gaming machines, kiosks and similar applications.


2 Keys are required to operate the lock and these are described as “Operator” (part number RPT4K and “Supervisor” (Part number SUPKEY).

Keys need to be specified and priced separately when ordering KA (keyed alike) or KD (Keyed to Differ)

Please note that the Supervisor and operator keys are specific to each key number (not as in a master key scenario)

Keys can be registered.


  • If you look at the face of the lock as if you were looking at a clock face, the locked position is 12 o’clock and the unlocked position is 3o’clock.
  • Insert the supervisor key into the lock at the 12o’clock position – turn to 3 o’clock – remove the key in this position. Please note that the Supervisor key will not unlock the lock in this position.
  • Insert the operator key at the 12 o’clock position and turn to 3 o’clock – this will then unlock the lock.
  • Relocking is the reverse of the above procedure.
  • Turn the operator key back to 12 o’clock from the 3 o’clock position –the  lock is then locked – remove the key

Insert the Supervisor key at 3 o’clock and turn the lock back to 12 o’clock. Remove the key – this has the effect of “locking out” the operator key.