How does the tool 2383T01-1AY look like and do you have installation instructions 2383T01-1BP

Tool 2383T01-1AY has been changed to 2383T01-1BP.

2383T01-1BP is exactly the same as 2383T01-1AY regarding dimensional and mechanical properties.

Pricing also hasn't changed, but instead of polished steel it's now Stainless Steel.

The tool 2383T01-1AY can be seen here:



this tool is needed to install the stud nut into the grommet

here are the installation instructions for 2383T01-1BP


the way to install is:

1) fit the stud nut onto pin of the installation mandrel

2) push stud nut and installation mandrel with the cone  in one action through the grommet


Attention: removal of the stud nut from the grommet only by destruction!  For proper dismounting the grommet must be removed by means  of removal hand tool 3300RT2500

please buy the part 2383T01-1BP because, if you do not use it, you might damage the retaining ring, or it can be pushed out.