Installation instructions for JL Joining Lock nuts

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The best way to use self locking joining lock nuts is to follow the installation instructions.

A good installation will provide a long lifespan of the self locking nut.

 direction of mounting of a joining self locking nut

- Do not use a self locking nut with a class higher then the class of the bolt.  There is a risk of detoriation of the thread of the bolt.

- the nut should not be mounted with grease.  (reduction of the friction coefficient --> risk of overtightening of the bolt --> breakige)

- do not use an impact wrench mounting tool.  (It will give you a vague tightening torque)


Procedure of mounting:

1) screw the JLd nut on the bolt, with hand or with a slow speed (30rounds/minute) in order to let the slots engage in the bolt.  Install so that 1 or 2 pitches are viewable of the bolt.  At this stage, verify visually if the two slots of the nut have opened correctly.

2) You can now finish the installation with help of an automatic screwdriver with maximum speed of 500 rounds per minute.

- the tightening torque should now resect the ISO table 2320, C1

- the bolt needs to pass between 2 and maximum 6 pitches.