Installation instructions Pneumatic Powertool

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Installation instructions Pneumatic Powertool


On this page you'll find out how you need to use the Pneumatic Powertool 3352PTC-1 or 3352PTC-2.

The Pneumatic Powertool is the best way to install large amounts of Keenserts® in an effecient manner.

Through the use of this Pneumatic Powertool, you will save out a lot of time installing the Keenserts®


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Step 5

Screw in the Keensert® by hand for about one or two turns.

Push the outer thread of the mandrel into the inner thread of the Keenserts®. The screw-in process will start automatically activated by the pushing force.

Do not press the trigger yet. The screw-in operation stops automatically once the insert reaches its final position (when the thicker part of the Kees touch the countersunk surface).

Then push the trigger for Kees to be pressed in.

Keep the trigger pressed, after the Kees are pressed in the mandrel, it will rotate counterclockwise until it gets out of the Keenserts®. Then release the trigger.


Note: if you need a certain tolerance, it will depend on the countersink

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