Joining Lock Nut - JLssnM - Self Locking Lock-Nuts

 We advise not to use this nut, as the metal ring cuts into the material of the bolt.  It might damage the bolt, and make the re-usability of the nut doubtfull.

please use the double slotted joining lock nut as better solution.

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Metric - Steel class 5

JLssnM3x050CL5 JLssnM4x070CL5 JLssnM5x080CL5 JLssnM6x100CL5 JLssnM8x125CL5
JLssnM10x150CL5 JLssnM12x175CL5 JLssnM14x200CL5 JLssnM16x200CL5 JLssnM18x250CL5

Metric - Class 6 Steel

JLssnM3x050CL6 JLssnM4x070CL6 JLssnM5x080CL6 JLssnM6x100CL6 JLssnM8x125CL6
JLssnM10x150CL6 JLssnM12x175CL6 JLssnM14x200CL6 JLssnM16x200CL6 JLssnM18x250CL6

Metric - Class A2 Steel

JLssnM3x050A2 JLssnM4x070A2 JLssnM5x080A2 JLssnM6x100A2 JLssnM8x125A2
JLssnM10x150A2 JLssnM12x175A2 JLssnM14x200A2 JLssnM16x200A2 JLssnM18x250A2