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inserts: keensert miniature KNC

Miniature Keenserts are for use in electronic and aerospace applications where size and strength are critical.
These inserts may be installed in sheet material as thin as 1,58mm or 1/16" providing protrusion of the insert is not objectionable.
Their pull-out strength exceeds the tensile strength of most Military standard screws.
The lightweight Keensert product code starts with KNC.
The range of these Keensert is from M2 up to M4 (metric) and from 0 up to 8 (imperial), each of these sizes are available in standard threads as in fine threads.

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Non-locking miniature stainless steel Keensert

Metric =

KNCM2x0.4 - KNCM2.5x0.45 - KNCM3x0.5 - KNCM4x0.7

Imperial =

KNC0080J - KNCC0256J - KNCA0256J - KNCA0440J - KNC0632J - KNCA0832J


Locking miniature stainless steel Keensert


Metric =

KNCML2x0.4 - KNCML2.5x0.45 - KNCML3x0.5 - KNCML4x0.7

imperial =

KNCCL0256J - KNCAL0256J - KNCAL0440J - KNCL0632J - KNCAL0832J



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