Saving Time Latches - SAV70-1BP

Saving Time Latches - SAV70-1BP
Miniature model

This SAV latch SAV70-1BP is a Miniature model. We strongly recommend to switch to the standard Saving Time Latches - SAV70-1AGV

This part SAV70-1BP has become obsolete. You will need to switch to the new reference SAV70-1AF This part has the same mechanical and dimensional characteristics as the old part.


Properties of SAV70-1BPMaterial grade of SAV70-1BPStainless steel
Finishing of SAV70-1BPraw
Maximum tensile strength of SAV70-1BP300 N
Working load of SAV70-1BP150 N


technical SAV70-1BP
Mouting details of SAV70-1BPMouting type of SAV70-1BPHoles for riveting or screw fixingMouting hole diameter of SAV70-1BP3,2Mouting hole distance of SAV70-1BP10Mouting hole distance X between SAV70-1BP and 31 mm


Anemo Engineering is offering SAV latch SAV70-1BP as factory new

The typical application of SAV latch SAV70-1BP: Good flexibility of use.

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