Camloc Tension Latches - V951L03-1-1BP

Camloc Tension Latches - V951L03-1-1BP
Camloc compact adjustable latch with concealed base

This Camloc Tension latch part V951L03-1-1BP is a medium duty latch. We recommend the use of the following Camloc Tension latch strike V951L7-1BP.


Properties of V951L03-1-1BPMaterial grade of V951L03-1-1BPStainless steel
Maximum tensile strength of V951L03-1-1BPMaximum working load of V951L03-1-1BP


technical V951L03-1-1BP
Mounting details of V951L03-1-1BPMounting type of V951L03-1-1BPHoles for riveting or screw fixingMounting hole diameter D of V951L03-1-1BP3.6Mounting hole distance L of V951L03-1-1BP14.3


Anemo Engineering is offering Camloc Tension Latch V951L03-1-1BP as factory new.

Anemo Engineering can offer you Camloc Tension Latch V951L03-1-1BP with Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Conformity and Certificate of Origin on request.

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