Camloc Tension Latches - V951L05-1X1AG

Camloc Tension Latches - V951L05-1X1AG
Camloc compact adjustable latch with high base and secondary lock

This part V951L05-1X1AG has become obsolete. You will need to switch to the new part number, it has the same mechanical and dimensional characteristics, it is merely a part number change, reflecting the new plating which is better corrosion resistant, the new part number is




Properties of V951L05-1X1AGMaterial grade of V951L05-1X1AGSteel / zinc-plated, yellow chromate
Material grade of secondary lock of V951L05-1X1AGStainless steel
Maximum tensile strength of V951L05-1X1AGMaximum working load of V951L05-1X1AG


technical V951L05-1X1AG
Mounting details of V951L05-1X1AGMounting type of V951L05-1X1AGHoles for riveting or screw fixingMounting hole diameter D of V951L05-1X1AG4.2Mounting hole distance L of V951L05-1X1AG18

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