Camloc latches - 1429L Series

max tensile strength up to 1.500 N; working load up to 1.000 N
Strenght values depend on the latch strike combination, details on the specific product pages
Available with secondary lock
Three differenet drawhook types available

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1429L02-1-* - Spring steel drawhook latch1429L02-2-* - Wire drawhook latch1429L02-3-* - Hooked wire drawhook latch

1429L02-1X* - Spring steel drawhook latch with secondary lock1429L02-2X* - Wire drawhook latch with secondary lock1429L02-3X* - Hooked wire drawhook latch with secondary lock


1429L8-* - Strikes for spring steel drawhook1429L9-* - Strikes for wire drawhook

Latch installation dimensions

1429L Latch installation dimensions


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