Economic latches - EC200

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Economic latch - ECL200


Product code Material
ECL200-AGV Steel / zinc plated
ECL200-BP Stainless steel




ECL200 with secondary lock



Economic latch - ECL200 with secondary lock


Product code Material
ECL200-XAD Steel / nickel plated
ECL200-XBP Stainless steel




ECL200 with hasp



Economic latch - ECL200 with hasp


Product code Material
ECL200-HAGV Steel / zinc plated
ECL200-HBP Stainless steel




ECL200 with click arrest



Economic latch - ECL200 with click arrest


Product code Material
ECL200-CAGV Steel / zinc plated
ECL200-CBP Stainless steel




ECL200 with key lock



Economic latch - ECL200 with key lock


Product code Material
ECL200-KAGVB Steel / zinc plated - black finish




Strikes for ECL200



Product code Material
ECS200-AGV Steel / zinc plated
ECS200-AD Steel / nickel plated
ECS200-AGVB Steel / zinc plated - black finish
ECS200-BP Stainless steel