Joining Lock Nut - JLslM27X300A4

Joining Lock Nut - JLslM27X300A4
Single slotted locking JL nut

This part JLslM27X300A4 is a single slotted locking nut with a low profile. The profile measures approximately 80% of the internal diameter.

Anemo Engineering is offering JLslM27X300A4 as factory new.


Thread size of JLslM27X300A4M27X3,00
Material grade of JLslM27X300A4Stainless steel A4-80
Finish grade of JLslM27X300A4Stanal 400


Advantages of JLslM27X300A4Reusable for minimum 5 times with minimal loss of the removal prevailing torque.Ensures an excellent vibration resistanceWithstands temperature changes ranging from -50 degrees Celsius to +300 degrees CelsiusHigh resistance against corrosion
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Dimensions of JLslM27X300A4

Thread diameter d M27
Thread pitch 3,00
Key width s 41
Nut height h 23,8

technical JLslM27X300A4

Mechanical Properties of JLslM27X300A4 ISO 3506-2 / ISO 25035

Thread Properties of JLslM27X300A4 ISO 965-2 quality 6H