Camloc Heavy Duty Quarter Turns - 991F Series

Steel / Zinc plated studs: max tensile strength 10.000 N; working load 7.000 N
Stainless steel studs: max tensile strength 7.000 N; working load 4.500 N
High tensile strength and preload
Typical applications:
Commercial vehicles, coaches, agricultural machinery, chemical engineering, heating systems etc.

Most standard version is the hex head slotted recess stud and the 180° folding wing head stud

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991S01-*-1AGV - Hex head slotted recess stud - steel/zinc plated991S01-*-1BP - Hex head slotted recess stud - stainless steel991S05-*-1AGV - 180° folding wing head slotted recess stud - steel/zinc plated991S02-*-1AGV - Fixed wing head stud - steel/zinc plated

991S03-*-1AGV - Offset fixed wing head stud - steel/zinc plated991S30-*AGV - Hex recess head stud - steel/zinc plated991S2991-*-1AGV - Folding bail handle stud - steel/zinc plated

Receptacles / Washers / Sealing components

991R2-* - Rivet / screw / weld receptacle991R6-* - Clip-on receptacleWashersSealing components

Stud installation dimensions

991F Stud installation dimensions

Receptacle installation dimensions

991F Receptacle installation dimensions

see here how to install the receptacle with help of countersunk rivets


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