How to select your Camloc quarter turn

How to determine a Quarter-turn

look to this video on how to select the quarter turn out of the catalog:


use this video that explains you the full range of camloc quarter turns:

How to select a Quarter-turn

1 Determine the strenght of the connection, quantify how many Newton the connection needs to hold

2 With the Newton value, you can determine the series:

Series Force in Newton Applications
5F 670N Light Duty
99F 700N Light Duty
50F 900N Light Duty
2600/2700 1330N Medium Duty
50F 3700N Medium Duty
4002 4700N Heavy Duty
991S 10000N Heavy duty

3 You take the catalogue at the page of the series and look for receptacles.
        Choose here the receptacle that best fits to your application.

use this link for an overview of many possible receptacles

How to select a Quarter-turn

Remember the "type-number" of the receptacle.

4 With the help of the thickness of the plate and the frame and the receptacle number you can determine the correct         formula on the first page, you arrive to a certain "G" value. Usually G = P + F.

5 You choose the correct stud:

How to select a Quarter-turn

6 Dependent on the series you can choose also to take a grommet, but this had an influence on the G-value

7 You are now ready to determine the quantity of pieces and to forward the correct part numbers

8 Send your inquiry, with VAT number and full contact details



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