Camloc Medium Duty Quarter Turns - 50F 3700N Series

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Max tensile strength 3.700 N; working load 2.600 N
Small fastener giving high tensile load
Flat receptacle
High preload

Most standard version is the Stainless steel slotted head and the Steel/zinc plated wing head

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50E8-*AGV - Slotted recess head stud - steel/zinc plated50E8-*S - Slotted recess head stud - stainless steel50E8-*WAGV - Fixed wing head stud - steel/zinc plated50E8-*WS - Fixed wing head stud - stainless steel

50E8-*W0AGV - Offset fixed wing head stud - steel/zinc plated50E8-*W0S - Offset fixed wing head stud - stainless steel50E19-*AGV - Folding bail handle stud - steel/zinc plated50E61-*AGV - Hex recess head stud - steel/zinc plated

50E81-*AGV - Star form head stud - steel/zinc plated50E81-*CP - Star form head stud - stainless steel50E83-*AGV - Wing head stud - steel/zinc plated50E83-*CP - Wing head stud - stainless steel

50E71-*AGV - Cross recess head stud - steel/zinc plated50E91-*AGV - Hex head slotted recess stud - steel/zinc plated50E7-*AGV - Square head stud - steel/zinc plated

Receptacles / Washers

V50R1-* - Rivet / screw / weld receptacleRetaining washers

Stud installation dimensions

50F 3700N Stud installation dimensions

Receptacle installation dimensions


50F 3700N Receptacle installation dimensions


see here how to install the receptacle with help of countersunk rivets, in stock at Anemo


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