IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps

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IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps has several types of studs:
- The Plastic Knob
- The Metal Knob
- The Stainless Steel
- The Low-Height Knob

 QCTH Quarter-turn clamp studQCTH-S Quarter-turn clamp studQCTHL-S Quarter-turn clamp stud

QCTHS Heavy Duty Quarter-turn clamp


QCTHS Heavy Duty Quarter Turn Clamps

 The New Hex Socket Head


QCTHH0525-10 - QCTHH0834-14 - QCTHH0834-20


Used with the Quarter-Turn Fasteners referenced on the table. The thin plate style allows back side mounting with the provided hex nut and includes a locating pin to prevent the receptacle from turning. Made from 4140 alloy steel with an electroless nickel plate finish. Nut is made from stainless steel.

QCTH-N Quarter-turn clamp receptacleQCTH-B Quarter-turn clamp receptacle


IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps feature:

- It has a high clamping force.
- Easy-to-read ON / OFF position (Indicator for Saftey).
- Available in Stainless Steel.
- when the IMAO Quarter Turn Clamps pin contacts the cam in the Cam
receptacle, the spring gets compressed to press down the plate.


IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps Technical Information:

The IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps has two type of strength Shear Strength and Tensile Strength.

How To Use the IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamp:


1- Ensure that the knob is positioned at the "OFF" mark.
2- Insert the Quarter-Turn Clamp.
3- Turn the Knob to the "ON" mark for clamping. The Knob clicks when it is clamped/Unclamped.
(For Unclamping follow back these steps).


IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps Application (Example) :

     Changes of the Camera positions                   Changes of Fixture Plates