IMAO Retractable Quarter-Turn Clamps

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Positive locking in quick change applications where there is frequent insertion and removal of a fixture.They allow for consistent fastening force. They are designed to be used with the cam receptacles referenced on the table.

The fastener is mounted to the fixture and the receptacle is mounted to the base, as the fastener is inserted into the receptacle, the pins on the fastener align with the grooves in the receptacle.

The spring in the fastener allow for a range of fixture thicknesses. Turning the knob one quarter turn aligns and locks the fastener into place. The fasteners are marked with “ON” and “OFF” indicators to show the position of the fastening pins. They can be used with locating pins to provide highly accurate positioning.


IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps has several types of studs:


QCTHA0525-10    QCTHA0834-14



QCTHA0525-10S    QCTHA0834-14S




QCTHA0525-10SUS  QCTHA0834-14SUS





Used with the Quarter-Turn Fasteners referenced on the table. The thin plate style allows back side mounting with the provided hex nut and includes a locating pin to prevent the receptacle from turning. Made from 4140 alloy steel with an electroless nickel plate finish. Nut is made from stainless steel.


 IMAO  Retractable Quarter-Turn Clamps feature:

- It has a high clamping force.
- No Interference by retractable Shank.
- Easy-to-read ON / OFF position (Indicator for Saftey).
- Available in Stainless Steel.
- when the IMAO Retractable Quarter Turn Clamps pin contacts the cam in the Cam
receptacle, the clamping spring gets compressed to press down the plate.



How To Use the IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamp:



1- Ensure that the knob is positioned at the "OFF" mark.
2- Insert the Retractable Quarter-Turn Clamp.
3- Turn the Knob to the "ON" mark for clamping. The Knob clicks when it is clamped/Unclamped.
(For Unclamping follow back these steps).


IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps Application (Example) :

     Changes of Fixture Plates                   Lock For Doors