Why use a quarter turn

Why use a quarter turn instead of a threaded bolt / nut

¼ turn fasteners Threaded bolts/nuts
Frequently operated - repeatable performance Seldom operated because serviceability is not a design factor. More structural in nature, limited life if operated often
Quick accessibility – allows fast removal of access panels Disassembly is time consuming and usually infrequent
User convenience, simple to operate More difficult to operate due to multiple turns necessary to install and remove
Controlled joint preload, but limited ability to accept variations in material thickness Inconsistent compression of panel gasket but capable of handling large grip ranges
Low installed cost for new generation of high speed assembly type (i.e. snap-in rivetless types) Installation is simple but time consuming
All fastener components captivated Generally not captivated – subject to being lost or misplaced
Vibration resistant Relies on thread engagement – subject to loosening under vibration
Reduced service / maintenance time Increased service / maintenance time
More expensive but adds value to finished product Less expensive (4 to 5 times), but readily offset on applications with frequent service requirements