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Anemo is launching the new Smart Turnlock

 smart Turnlock



- Find out where your Smart Turnlock is in a country.

- Track and monitor the Smart Turnlock operation cycles.

- Know if a panel is closed or open after maintenance (this can have a serious impact on aeroplanes, assembly chains and heavy machinery).

- Track your machine thanks to this hidden Smart Turnlock, you'll know what your customers are doing with your device.

- Determine the strength of the tension load of the Smart Turnlock.


Our invisible tracking devices last 5 years.


smart turn lock


Technical insights:

- Every smart turnlock consists of a sensor that measures the feature you want, together with a memory device and then a transfer unit.

- The protocol can be customised to the customer's requirements, with the network LORA (limited range of only 10km) and with a disadvantage that there are not a lot of devices yet developed.

- Miniature 3/2G-router that is incorporated in the head of the Smart Turnlock that sends the data out of the computer unit to an IP address.

- Imagine you have different Smart Turnlocks in close proximity to each other that you want to track, then we can also offer a wireless communication with them and then you need to buy the transfer equipment only once seperately


Smart Turnlock with incorporated 2G transmitter

Estimated cost per connection = 200-1000 euros


This Turnlock is a combination with IOT & 3D printing technology.
We have worked 4 years to get the technology ready and worked on this together with the french university of engineers.

More information can be received after signing an NDA.
We work with phoenix contact, holocys, beckhoff.



turnlock mini tracker

other technology if needed can be applied.

UHF and HF RIFD tags with reader hardware


For the US market we recommend to use a 3G network cellular module
For the EU market we recommend to use a 2G network cellular module 900 or 1800 MHz

When limited amount of data is used: we would recommend NB-IoT and LTE-M

We have developed a small black box with all the electronics integrated that can be either over-3d-printed for small volumes, or overmolded.
The sensor will be determined on your technical requirement, a variety of sensors will be available.