SpanClamps SCBLRM16-S

SpanClamps SCBLRM16-S
Ball Locking Receptacle Stainless Steel

This Spanclamps Part Number SCBLRM16-S is a Ball Locking Receptacle in Stainless Steel. The receptacle has a threaded body and is to be installed with a retaining nut. This receptacle can be used with :




Technical information

Weight13 gHeatresistant See Clamp or PinShear strengthSee Clamp or PinTensile strengthSee Clamp or PinClamping forceSee Clamp or Pin
Measurements Plate thickness6 mm or mored (+ 0,2 / + 0,4)10D (h9)20MM16x1.5H17

MaterialBody303 Stainless steel Stainless Steel

SpanClamps Part No. is a factory new.

SpanClamps Part No. has a certificate of Quality, and certificate of Conformity.

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technical SCBLRM16-S
Installation Instruction SCBLRM16-S plate thickness is between 6 and 10 mm (Figure A)d117d2 (+ 0,05 / + 0,10)20
Installation Instruction SCBLRM16-S plate thickness is over 10 mm (Figure B)MM16x1,5d2 (+ 0,05 / + 0,10)20H117,5

Recommended Nut M16 to use for plate thickness 6 to 10mm