What stud lengths in camloc 5F series are available for wing head 5S10-*AGV , flush head 5S7-*C and knurled head?

What stud lengths in camloc 5F series are available for wing head 5S10-*AGV , flush head 5S7-*C and knurled head?

We have enlisted here the possible part numbers of the 5F series for wing head, flush head and knurled head.

please know that it's technically not possible to manufacture camloc stud lengths 37,38 and 39

the total thickness of both plates together is indicated below as the G value, it is correct up to stud length 21, longer lengths, are extra-polated, so please consult us back for double checking.


G total thickness

recess quarter turn


with coc & mfr certs

wing head


with coc & mfr certs



with coc

without mfr certs

0,5mm - 0,9mm 5S7-1C 5S10-1AGV AE.5S34-1AGV
0,9mm - 1,3mm 5S7-2C 5S10-2AGV AE.5S34-2AGV
1,3mm - 1,65mm 5S7-3C 5S10-3AGV AE.5S34-3AGV
1,65mm - 2,05mm 5S7-4C 5S10-4AGV AE.5S34-4AGV
2,05mm - 2,4mm 5S7-5C 5S10-5AGV AE.5S34-5AGV
2,4mm - 2,8mm 5S7-6C 5S10-6AGV AE.5S34-6AGV
2,8mm - 3,2mm 5S7-7C 5S10-7AGV AE.5S34-7AGV
3,2mm - 3,55mm 5S7-8C 5S10-8AGV AE.5S34-8AGV
3,55mm - 3,95mm 5S7-9C 5S10-9AGV AE.5S34-9AGV
3,95mm - 4,3mm 5S7-10C 5S10-10AGV AE.5S34-10AGV
4,3mm - 4,7mm 5S7-11C 5S10-11AGV AE.5S34-11AGV
4,7mm - 5,1mm 5S7-12C 5S10-12AGV AE.5S34-12AGV
5,1mm - 5,45mm 5S7-13C 5S10-13AGV AE.5S34-13AGV
5,45mm - 5,85mm 5S7-14C 5S10-14AGV AE.5S34-14AGV
5,85mm - 6,2mm 5S7-15C 5S10-15AGV AE.5S34-15AGV
6,2mm - 6,6mm 5S7-16C 5S10-16AGV AE.5S34-16AGV
6,6mm - 7mm 5S7-17C 5S10-17AGV AE.5S34-17AGV
7mm - 7,35mm 5S7-18C 5S10-18AGV AE.5S34-18AGV
7,35mm - 7,75mm 5S7-19C 5S10-19AGV AE.5S34-19AGV
7,75mm - 8,15mm 5S7-20C 5S10-20AGV AE.5S34-20AGV
8,15mm - 8,5mm 5S7-21C 5S10-21AGV AE.5S34-21AGV
8,5mm - 8,9mm 5S7-22C 5S10-22AGV AE.5S34-22AGV
8,9mm - 9,3mm 5S7-23C 5S10-23AGV AE.5S34-23AGV
9,3mm - 9,65mm 5S7-24C 5S10-24AGV AE.5S34-24AGV
9,65mm - 10,05mm 5S7-25C 5S10-25AGV AE.5S34-25AGV
10,05mm - 10,45mm 5S7-26C 5S10-26AGV AE.5S34-26AGV
10,45mm - 10,8mm 5S7-27C 5S10-27AGV AE.5S34-27AGV
10,8mm - 11,2mm 5S7-28C 5S10-28AGV AE.5S34-28AGV
11,2mm - 11,6mm 5S7-29C 5S10-29AGV AE.5S34-29AGV
11,6mm - 11,95mm 5S7-30C 5S10-30AGV AE.5S34-30AGV
11,95mm - 12,35mm 5S7-31C 5S10-31AGV AE.5S34-31AGV
12,35mm - 12,75mm 5S7-32C 5S10-32AGV AE.5S34-32AGV
12,75mm - 13,1mm 5S7-33C 5S10-33AGV AE.5S34-33AGV
13,1mm - 13,5mm 5S7-34C 5S10-34AGV AE.5S34-34AGV
13,5mm - 13,9mm 5S7-35C 5S10-35AGV AE.5S34-35AGV
13,9mm - 14,25mm 5S7-36C 5S10-36AGV AE.5S34-36AGV
15,4mm - 15,8mm 5S7-40C 5S10-40AGV AE.5S34-40AGV




Série 5F : Axe V315-* = 5S15-*

Série 5F : Axe V315-* = 5S15-*

Il est possible que vous rencontrez sur les anciens ou sur les plan d'aujourd'hui, d'anciennes références Camloc. Aujourd'hui les références ont été standardisées est mise à jours. Dans la série 5F, un client nous a demandé un devis pour la référence V315-17. C'est un axe à tête cruciforme en inox. Aujourd'hui elle est appelé 5S15-17. Nous lui avons donc conseiller d'utiliser la nouvelle référence. Ceci est valable pour toutes les séries de quart de tour. Veuillez retrouver toutes les références de cette version :

Vieille version Nouvelle version
V315-1 5S15-1
V315-2 5S15-2
V315-3 5S15-3
V315-4 5S15-4
V315-5 5S15-5
V315-6 5S15-6
V315-7 5S15-7
V315-8 5S15-8
V315-9 5S15-9
V315-10 5S15-10
V315-11 5S15-11
V315-12 5S15-12
V315-13 5S15-13
V315-14 5S15-14
V315-15 5S15-15
V315-16 5S15-16
V315-17 5S15-17
V315-18 5S15-18
V315-19 5S15-19
V315-20 5S15-20
V315-21 5S15-21
V315-22 5S15-22
V315-23 5S15-23
V315-… 5S15-…


Quelle est la référence qui remplace 5S7-* ?

Quelle est la référence qui remplace 5S7-* ?

La référence 5S7-* n'existe plus, elle a été remplcé par la référence 5S7-*C (* = numéro de longueur).

Veuillez retrouver ci-dessous le dessin technique accompagné de la photo de cette nouvelle référence :

[caption id="attachment_4239" align="alignleft" width="472"]5S7-*C 5S7-*C[/caption]


Vieille référence Nouvelle référence
5S7-1 5S7-1C
5S7-2 5S7-2C
5S7-3 5S7-3C
5S7-4 5S7-4C
5S7-5 5S7-5C
5S7-6 5S7-6C
5S7-7 5S7-7C
5S7-8 5S7-8C
5S7-9 5S7-9C
5S7-10 5S7-10C

Are there hand operated quarter turn solutions in the 5F series?

Are there hand operated quarter turn solutions in the 5F series?

Anemo is able to offer 2 versions of hand operated quarter turn solutions in the 5F series.
The hand operated quarter turn solutions available are the fixed wing head 5S10-*AGV and the knurled knob head 5S25-* versions.
Please note that these are not standard and might prove to have lead times up to 12 weeks.

5S10-*AGV - Fixed wing head style


[caption id="attachment_3990" align="alignleft" width="175"]5S10-*AGV - Fixed wing head style stud 5S10-*AGV - Fixed wing head style stud[/caption]






Old Partnumber - Cadmium plated New partnumber - Yellow zinc plated
5S10-1 5S10-1C
5S10-2 5S10-2C
5S10-3 5S10-3C
5S10-4 5S10-4C
5S10-5 5S10-5C
5S10-6 5S10-6C
5S10-7 5S10-7C
5S10-8 5S10-8C
5S10-9 5S10-9C
5S10-10 5S10-10C
5S10-11 5S10-11C
5S10-12 5S10-12C
5S10-13 5S10-13C
5S10-14 5S10-14C
5S10-15 5S10-15C
5S10-16 5S10-16C
5S10-17 5S10-17C
5S10-18 5S10-18C
5S10-19 5S10-19C
5S10-20 5S10-20C
5S10-21 5S10-21C
5S10-22 5S10-22C
5S10-23 5S10-23C
5S10-24 5S10-24C
5S10-25 5S10-25C
5S10-26 5S10-26C
5S10-27 5S10-27C
5S10-28 5S10-28C
5S10-29 5S10-29C
5S10-30 5S10-30C
5S10-31 5S10-31C
5S10-32 5S10-32C
5S10-33 5S10-33C
5S10-34 5S10-34C
5S10-35 5S10-35C
5S10-36 5S10-36C
5S10-40 5S10-40C


5S25-* - Knurled knob head style

[caption id="attachment_3991" align="alignleft" width="175"]5S25-* - Knurled knob head style 5S25-* - Knurled knob head style[/caption]







Partnumber - steel/chromated

What are the valid part numbers that are replacing the 5S54-[]-[]AA?

What are the valid part numbers that are replacing the 5S54-[]-[]AA?

The studs with product codes of the form 5S54-[]-[]AA,
are cross recess head style studs in zinc plated steel.

Below you can find a full list of the part replacing the different product codes .
For more information on the changes, please visit the blog page through this link .

Old reference New reference: stud + grommet New reference: stud + retaining washer V5W3-1AG
5S54-7-5AA V5S21-10AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-6AGV
5S54-8-5AA V5S21-11AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-7AGV
5S54-9-5AA V5S21-12AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-8AGV
5S54-10-5AA V5S21-13AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-9AGV
5S54-11-5AA V5S21-14AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-10AGV
5S54-12-5AA V5S21-15AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-11AGV
5S54-13-5AA V5S21-16AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-12AGV
5S54-14-5AA V5S21-17AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-13AGV
5S54-15-5AA V5S21-18AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-14AGV
5S54-16-5AA V5S21-19AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-15AGV
5S54-17-5AA V5S21-20AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-16AGV
5S54-18-5AA V5S21-21AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-17AGV
5S54-19-5AA V5S21-22AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-18AGV
5S54-20-5AA V5S21-23AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S21-19AGV
5S54-7-6AA V5S21-10AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-6AGV
5S54-8-6AA V5S21-11AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-7AGV
5S54-9-6AA V5S21-12AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-8AGV
5S54-10-6AA V5S21-13AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-9AGV
5S54-11-6AA V5S21-14AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-10AGV
5S54-12-6AA V5S21-15AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-11AGV
5S54-13-6AA V5S21-16AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-12AGV
5S54-14-6AA V5S21-17AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-13AGV
5S54-15-6AA V5S21-18AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-14AGV
5S54-16-6AA V5S21-19AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-15AGV
5S54-17-6AA V5S21-20AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-16AGV
5S54-18-6AA V5S21-21AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-17AGV
5S54-19-6AA V5S21-22AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-18AGV
5S54-20-6AA V5S21-23AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S21-19AGV
5S54-7-9AA V5S21-10AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-6AGV
5S54-8-9AA V5S21-11AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-7AGV
5S54-9-9AA V5S21-12AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-8AGV
5S54-10-9AA V5S21-13AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-9AGV
5S54-11-9AA V5S21-14AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-10AGV
5S54-12-9AA V5S21-15AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-11AGV
5S54-13-9AA V5S21-16AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-12AGV
5S54-14-9AA V5S21-17AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-13AGV
5S54-15-9AA V5S21-18AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-14AGV
5S54-16-9AA V5S21-19AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-15AGV
5S54-17-9AA V5S21-20AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-16AGV
5S54-18-9AA V5S21-21AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-17AGV
5S54-19-9AA V5S21-22AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-18AGV
5S54-20-9AA V5S21-23AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S21-19AGV
5S54-7-11AA V5S21-10AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-6AGV
5S54-8-11AA V5S21-11AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-7AGV
5S54-9-11AA V5S21-12AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-8AGV
5S54-10-11AA V5S21-13AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-9AGV
5S54-11-11AA V5S21-14AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-10AGV
5S54-12-11AA V5S21-15AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-11AGV
5S54-13-11AA V5S21-16AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-12AGV
5S54-14-11AA V5S21-17AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-13AGV
5S54-15-11AA V5S21-18AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-14AGV
5S54-16-11AA V5S21-19AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-15AGV
5S54-17-11AA V5S21-20AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-16AGV
5S54-18-11AA V5S21-21AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-17AGV
5S54-19-11AA V5S21-22AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-18AGV
5S54-20-11AA V5S21-23AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S21-19AGV

What are the valid part numbers that are replacing the 5S54-[]-[]BB?

What are the valid part numbers that are replacing the 5S54-[]-[]BB?

The studs with product codes of the form 5S54-[]-[]BB,
are slotted recess head style studs in stainless steel.

Below you can find a full list of the part replacing the different product codes .
For more information on the changes, please visit the blog page through this link .

Old reference New reference: stud + grommet New reference: stud + retaining washer 5S3-2
5S54-7-5BB 5S15-10 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-6
5S54-8-5BB 5S15-11 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-7
5S54-9-5BB 5S15-12 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-8
5S54-10-5BB 5S15-13 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-9
5S54-11-5BB 5S15-14 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-10
5S54-12-5BB 5S15-15 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-11
5S54-13-5BB 5S15-16 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-12
5S54-14-5BB 5S15-17 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-13
5S54-15-5BB 5S15-18 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-14
5S54-16-5BB 5S15-19 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-15
5S54-17-5BB 5S15-20 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-16
5S54-18-5BB 5S15-21 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-17
5S54-19-5BB 5S15-22 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-18
5S54-20-5BB 5S15-23 + 5S72-5-1AA 5S15-19
5S54-7-6BB 5S15-10 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-6
5S54-8-6BB 5S15-11 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-7
5S54-9-6BB 5S15-12 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-8
5S54-10-6BB 5S15-13 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-9
5S54-11-6BB 5S15-14 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-10
5S54-12-6BB 5S15-15 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-11
5S54-13-6BB 5S15-16 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-12
5S54-14-6BB 5S15-17 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-13
5S54-15-6BB 5S15-18 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-14
5S54-16-6BB 5S15-19 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-15
5S54-17-6BB 5S15-20 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-16
5S54-18-6BB 5S15-21 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-17
5S54-19-6BB 5S15-22 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-18
5S54-20-6BB 5S15-23 + 5S72-6-1AA 5S15-19
5S54-7-9BB 5S15-10 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-6
5S54-8-9BB 5S15-11 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-7
5S54-9-9BB 5S15-12 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-8
5S54-10-9BB 5S15-13 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-9
5S54-11-9BB 5S15-14 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-10
5S54-12-9BB 5S15-15 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-11
5S54-13-9BB 5S15-16 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-12
5S54-14-9BB 5S15-17 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-13
5S54-15-9BB 5S15-18 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-14
5S54-16-9BB 5S15-19 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-15
5S54-17-9BB 5S15-20 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-16
5S54-18-9BB 5S15-21 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-17
5S54-19-9BB 5S15-22 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-18
5S54-20-9BB 5S15-23 + 5S72-9-1AA 5S15-19
5S54-7-11BB 5S15-10 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-6
5S54-8-11BB 5S15-11 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-7
5S54-9-11BB 5S15-12 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-8
5S54-10-11BB 5S15-13 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-9
5S54-11-11BB 5S15-14 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-10
5S54-12-11BB 5S15-15 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-11
5S54-13-11BB 5S15-16 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-12
5S54-14-11BB 5S15-17 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-13
5S54-15-11BB 5S15-18 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-14
5S54-16-11BB 5S15-19 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-15
5S54-17-11BB 5S15-20 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-16
5S54-18-11BB 5S15-21 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-17
5S54-19-11BB 5S15-22 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-18
5S54-20-11BB 5S15-23 + 5S72-11-1AA 5S15-19


What are the valid part numbers that are replacing the 5S34-[]-[]BB?

What are the valid part numbers that are replacing the 5S34-[]-[]BB?

The studs with product codes of the form 5S34-[]-[]BB,
are slotted recess head style studs in stainless steel.

Below you can find a full list of the part replacing the different product codes .
For more information on the changes, please visit the blog page through this link .
The replacing stud has a slightly different headstyle then slotted, more information can be found on the blog page through this link.


Old reference New reference: stud + grommet New reference: stud + retaining washer 5S3-2
5S34-7-5BB V5S35-10BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-6BP
5S34-8-5BB V5S35-11BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-7BP
5S34-9-5BB V5S35-12BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-8BP
5S34-10-5BB V5S35-13BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-9BP
5S34-11-5BB V5S35-14BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-10BP
5S34-12-5BB V5S35-15BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-11BP
5S34-13-5BB V5S35-16BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-12BP
5S34-14-5BB V5S35-17BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-13BP
5S34-15-5BB V5S35-18BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-14BP
5S34-16-5BB V5S35-19BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-15BP
5S34-17-5BB V5S35-20BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-16BP
5S34-18-5BB V5S35-21BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-17BP
5S34-19-5BB V5S35-22BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-18BP
5S34-20-5BB V5S35-23BP + 5S72-5-1AA V5S35-19BP
5S34-7-6BB V5S35-10BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-6BP
5S34-8-6BB V5S35-11BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-7BP
5S34-9-6BB V5S35-12BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-8BP
5S34-10-6BB V5S35-13BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-9BP
5S34-11-6BB V5S35-14BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-10BP
5S34-12-6BB V5S35-15BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-11BP
5S34-13-6BB V5S35-16BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-12BP
5S34-14-6BB V5S35-17BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-13BP
5S34-15-6BB V5S35-18BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-14BP
5S34-16-6BB V5S35-19BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-15BP
5S34-17-6BB V5S35-20BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-16BP
5S34-18-6BB V5S35-21BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-17BP
5S34-19-6BB V5S35-22BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-18BP
5S34-20-6BB V5S35-23BP + 5S72-6-1AA V5S35-19BP
5S34-7-9BB V5S35-10BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-6BP
5S34-8-9BB V5S35-11BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-7BP
5S34-9-9BB V5S35-12BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-8BP
5S34-10-9BB V5S35-13BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-9BP
5S34-11-9BB V5S35-14BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-10BP
5S34-12-9BB V5S35-15BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-11BP
5S34-13-9BB V5S35-16BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-12BP
5S34-14-9BB V5S35-17BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-13BP
5S34-15-9BB V5S35-18BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-14BP
5S34-16-9BB V5S35-19BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-15BP
5S34-17-9BB V5S35-20BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-16BP
5S34-18-9BB V5S35-21BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-17BP
5S34-19-9BB V5S35-22BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-18BP
5S34-20-9BB V5S35-23BP + 5S72-9-1AA V5S35-19BP
5S34-7-11BB V5S35-10BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-6BP
5S34-8-11BB V5S35-11BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-7BP
5S34-9-11BB V5S35-12BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-8BP
5S34-10-11BB V5S35-13BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-9BP
5S34-11-11BB V5S35-14BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-10BP
5S34-12-11BB V5S35-15BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-11BP
5S34-13-11BB V5S35-16BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-12BP
5S34-14-11BB V5S35-17BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-13BP
5S34-15-11BB V5S35-18BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-14BP
5S34-16-11BB V5S35-19BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-15BP
5S34-17-11BB V5S35-20BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-16BP
5S34-18-11BB V5S35-21BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-17BP
5S34-19-11BB V5S35-22BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-18BP
5S34-20-11BB V5S35-23BP + 5S72-11-1AA V5S35-19BP


What are the valid part numbers that are replacing the 5S34-[]-[]AA?

What are the valid part numbers that are replacing the 5S34-[]-[]AA?

The studs with product codes of the form 5S34-[]-[]AA,
are slotted recess head style studs in zinc plated steel.

Below you can find a full list of the part replacing the different product codes .
For more information on the changes, please visit the blog page through this link .

Old reference New reference: stud + grommet New reference: stud + retaining washer V5W3-1AG
5S34-7-5AA V5S5-10AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-6AGV
5S34-8-5AA V5S5-11AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-7AGV
5S34-9-5AA V5S5-12AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-8AGV
5S34-10-5AA V5S5-13AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-9AGV
5S34-11-5AA V5S5-14AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-10AGV
5S34-12-5AA V5S5-15AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-11AGV
5S34-13-5AA V5S5-16AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-12AGV
5S34-14-5AA V5S5-17AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-13AGV
5S34-15-5AA V5S5-18AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-14AGV
5S34-16-5AA V5S5-19AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-15AGV
5S34-17-5AA V5S5-20AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-16AGV
5S34-18-5AA V5S5-21AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-17AGV
5S34-19-5AA V5S5-22AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-18AGV
5S34-20-5AA V5S5-23AGV + 5S72-5-1AA V5S5-19AGV
5S34-7-6AA V5S5-10AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-6AGV
5S34-8-6AA V5S5-11AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-7AGV
5S34-9-6AA V5S5-12AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-8AGV
5S34-10-6AA V5S5-13AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-9AGV
5S34-11-6AA V5S5-14AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-10AGV
5S34-12-6AA V5S5-15AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-11AGV
5S34-13-6AA V5S5-16AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-12AGV
5S34-14-6AA V5S5-17AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-13AGV
5S34-15-6AA V5S5-18AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-14AGV
5S34-16-6AA V5S5-19AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-15AGV
5S34-17-6AA V5S5-20AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-16AGV
5S34-18-6AA V5S5-21AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-17AGV
5S34-19-6AA V5S5-22AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-18AGV
5S34-20-6AA V5S5-23AGV + 5S72-6-1AA V5S5-19AGV
5S34-7-9AA V5S5-10AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-6AGV
5S34-8-9AA V5S5-11AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-7AGV
5S34-9-9AA V5S5-12AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-8AGV
5S34-10-9AA V5S5-13AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-9AGV
5S34-11-9AA V5S5-14AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-10AGV
5S34-12-9AA V5S5-15AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-11AGV
5S34-13-9AA V5S5-16AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-12AGV
5S34-14-9AA V5S5-17AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-13AGV
5S34-15-9AA V5S5-18AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-14AGV
5S34-16-9AA V5S5-19AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-15AGV
5S34-17-9AA V5S5-20AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-16AGV
5S34-18-9AA V5S5-21AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-17AGV
5S34-19-9AA V5S5-22AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-18AGV
5S34-20-9AA V5S5-23AGV + 5S72-9-1AA V5S5-19AGV
5S34-7-11AA V5S5-10AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-6AGV
5S34-8-11AA V5S5-11AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-7AGV
5S34-9-11AA V5S5-12AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-8AGV
5S34-10-11AA V5S5-13AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-9AGV
5S34-11-11AA V5S5-14AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-10AGV
5S34-12-11AA V5S5-15AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-11AGV
5S34-13-11AA V5S5-16AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-12AGV
5S34-14-11AA V5S5-17AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-13AGV
5S34-15-11AA V5S5-18AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-14AGV
5S34-16-11AA V5S5-19AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-15AGV
5S34-17-11AA V5S5-20AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-16AGV
5S34-18-11AA V5S5-21AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-17AGV
5S34-19-11AA V5S5-22AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-18AGV
5S34-20-11AA V5S5-23AGV + 5S72-11-1AA V5S5-19AGV


What are the new stainless steel part numbers of the stainless steel slotted 5F series?

What are the new stainless steel part numbers of the stainless steel slotted 5F series?

The old stainless steel 5F slotted series have changed part number. please verify in this list the new part numbers.  Take care: due to tooling issues the length number 32 till 34 cannot be produced with the new tool.  We recommend to buy then the cross head parts. The part looks like a slotted head but has the head style of a here below

V5S35-BP stainless steel slotted head camloc stud V5S35-*BP stainless steel slotted head camloc stud
head style V5S35-*BP
head style V5S35-*BP

5F series: what happened with the 5S34-[ ]-[ ]AA, 5S34-[ ]-[ ]BB, 5S54-[ ]-[ ]AA and 5S54-[ ]-[ ]BB?

5F series: what happened with the 5S34-[ ]-[ ]AA, 5S34-[ ]-[ ]BB, 5S54-[ ]-[ ]AA and 5S54-[ ]-[ ]BB?

In the past there were studs available in the 5F series which had grommets attached.
This is the second way of installing the 5F series studs besides using a retaining washer.
These versions are no longer available, atleast not in their pre-assembled condition.

It is still possible to obtain the same mechanism but for that you need to buy also the grommet next to the stud.
Let us explain how you can identify the correct stud and grommet product number that is replacing the old combined product.

Firstly we would like to explain to you the old part number.
The old part number has 4 parts, 3 of them are divided by dashes and 2 letters at the end.

The first part is to identify the head style. There are 2 codes:

  • 5S34      Slotted recess head style
  • 5S54      Cross recess head style

The second part reflects the dashlength of the stud. This number is linked to the total thickness that needs to be clamped. Be advised that this number also contains the grommet!

The third part is the number showing which grommet is used. There are 4 different numbers that are used for the grommet: 5, 6, 9 and 11.
Each of them is used for a certain panel thickness. These numbers are still used in the new product codes for the seperate grommets.
However you need to pay close attention! The grommets have changed, and now have a bigger rim that is 4 times larger than before. In the old part number the grommet size was already included in the stud length number. It was 1 dashlength longer then when not using a grommet. As the grommet is larger, the stud length number needs to be increased by 3!
The alternative solution is to opt for a different quarter turn setup.
Namely to have the use of the grommet removed. The correct studlength is then obtained by deducting 1 from the stud length.

The last part are the 2 letters at the end of the product code. These are showing which material the stud is made of. There are 2 possible values

  • AA       steel / cadmium plated
  • BB       stainless steel

The new stud part numbers, are made to reflect both style and material grade.
The star is to be replaced by the dashlenght number of the stud.

  •  V5S5-*AGV          Slotted recess head style in steel/zinc plating, CrVI free
  • V5S35-*BP            Slotted recess head style in stainless steel
  • V5S21-*AGV        Cross recess head style in steel/zinc plating, CrVI free
  • 5S15-*                    Cross recess head style in stainless steel

The part number of the grommet has changed to 5S72-*-1AA, with on the star the grommet identification number.

For example: 5S34-8-5AA = V5S5-11AGV + 5S72-5-1AA

5S34    V5S5     slotted head
8           11            dashlength
5           5              grommet type 5
AA        AGV      material grade (to be found on new stud)

Please find enclosed the general table showing which are the combinations of stud and grommet replacing the old references. The star takes the place of the dash length.

Old reference new reference: stud + grommet
5S34-*-5AA V5S5-*AGV + 5S72-5-1AA
5S34-*-6AA V5S5-*AGV + 5S72-6-1AA
5S34-*-9AA V5S5-*AGV + 5S72-9-1AA
5S34-*-11AA V5S5-*AGV + 5S72-11-1AA
5S34-*-5BB V5S35-*BP + 5S72-5-1AA
5S34-*-6BB V5S35-*BP + 5S72-6-1AA
5S34-*-9BB V5S35-*BP + 5S72-9-1AA
5S34-*-11BB V5S35-*BP + 5S72-11-1AA
5S54-*-5AA V5S21-*AGV + 5S72-5-1AA
5S54-*-6AA V5S21-*AGV + 5S72-6-1AA
5S54-*-9AA V5S21-*AGV + 5S72-9-1AA
5S54-*-11AA V5S21-*AGV + 5S72-11-1AA
5S54-*-5BB 5S15-* + 5S72-5-1AA
5S54-*-6BB 5S15-* + 5S72-6-1AA
5S54-*-9BB 5S15-* + 5S72-9-1AA
5S54-*-11BB 5S15-* + 5S72-11-1AA

For a full detailed product code list, please follow the links below:
Slotted recess head style - plated steel 5S34-[]-[]AA
Slotted recess head style - stainless steel 5S34-[]-[]BB
Cross recess head style - plated steel 5S54-[]-[]AA
Cross recess head style - stainless steel 5S54-[]-[]BB



What are the new 5F series camloc part numbers that replace the cadmium plated parts?

What are the new 5F series camloc part numbers that replace the cadmium plated parts?

for the cadmium plated receptacle 5R2-1 we recommend to switch towards V5R2-1AK7 (old PN = V905R2-1AF)

for the studs, please select out of the table:

cadmium plated NEW steel zinc plate chrome VI free old camloc PN
5S5-1 V5S5-1AGV 5S5-1C
5S5-2 V5S5-2AGV 5S5-2C
5S5-3 V5S5-3AGV 5S5-3C
5S5-4 V5S5-4AGV 5S5-4C
5S5-5 V5S5-5AGV 5S5-5C
5S5-6 V5S5-6AGV 5S5-6C
5S5-7 V5S5-7AGV 5S5-7C
5S5-8 V5S5-8AGV 5S5-8C
5S5-9 V5S5-9AGV 5S5-9C
5S5-10 V5S5-10AGV 5S5-10C
5S5-11 V5S5-11AGV 5S5-11C
5S5-12 V5S5-12AGV 5S5-12C
5S5-13 V5S5-13AGV 5S5-13C
5S5-14 V5S5-14AGV 5S5-14C
5S5-15 V5S5-15AGV 5S5-15C
5S5-16 V5S5-16AGV 5S5-16C
5S5-17 V5S5-17AGV 5S5-17C
5S5-18 V5S5-18AGV 5S5-18C
5S5-19 V5S5-19AGV 5S5-19C
5S5-20 V5S5-20AGV 5S5-20C
5S5-21 V5S5-21AGV 5S5-21C
5S5-22 V5S5-22AGV 5S5-22C
5S5-23 V5S5-23AGV 5S5-23C
5S5-24 V5S5-24AGV 5S5-24C
5S5-25 V5S5-25AGV 5S5-25C
5S5-26 V5S5-26AGV 5S5-26C
5S5-27 V5S5-27AGV 5S5-27C
5S5-28 V5S5-28AGV 5S5-28C
5S5-29 V5S5-29AGV 5S5-29C
5S5-30 V5S5-30AGV 5S5-30C
5S5-31 V5S5-31AGV 5S5-31C
5S5-32 V5S5-32AGV 5S5-32C
cadmium plated NEW steel zinc plate chrome VI free old camloc PN
5S1-1 V5S21-1AGV 5S1-1A
5S1-2 V5S21-2AGV 5S1-2A
5S1-3 V5S21-3AGV 5S1-3A
5S1-4 V5S21-4AGV 5S1-4A
5S1-5 V5S21-5AGV 5S1-5A
5S1-6 V5S21-6AGV 5S1-6A
5S1-7 V5S21-7AGV 5S1-7A
5S1-8 V5S21-8AGV 5S1-8A
5S1-9 V5S21-9AGV 5S1-9A
5S1-10 V5S21-10AGV 5S1-10A
5S1-11 V5S21-11AGV 5S1-11A
5S1-12 V5S21-12AGV 5S1-12A
5S1-13 V5S21-13AGV 5S1-13A
5S1-14 V5S21-14AGV 5S1-14A
5S1-15 V5S21-15AGV 5S1-15A
5S1-16 V5S21-16AGV 5S1-16A
5S1-17 V5S21-17AGV 5S1-17A
5S1-18 V5S21-18AGV 5S1-18A
5S1-19 V5S21-19AGV 5S1-19A
5S1-20 V5S21-20AGV 5S1-20A
5S1-21 V5S21-21AGV 5S1-21A
5S1-22 V5S21-22AGV 5S1-22A
5S1-23 V5S21-23AGV 5S1-23A
5S1-24 V5S21-24AGV 5S1-24A
5S1-25 V5S21-25AGV 5S1-25A
5S1-26 V5S21-26AGV 5S1-26A
5S1-27 V5S21-27AGV 5S1-27A
5S1-28 V5S21-28AGV 5S1-28A
5S1-29 V5S21-29AGV 5S1-29A
5S1-30 V5S21-30AGV 5S1-30A
5S1-31 V5S21-31AGV 5S1-31A
5S1-32 V5S21-32AGV 5S1-32A









Do you supply NSN (nato stock numbers) parts?

Do you supply NSN (nato stock numbers) parts?

visit our site : www.nsn-search.com

Yes we supply NSN parts. here is a list of parts we currently hold on stock:

federal supply class 5325 Fastening devices
NSN number camloc PN old camloc PN
5325123336807 991S01-18-1BP  
5325144573747 991S01-7-1AGV 991S01-7-1AF
5325145273338 991S01-12-1AGV 991S01-12-1AF
5325145273339 991S01-15-1AGV 991S01-15-1AF
5325993017137 991S01-14-1AGV 991S01-14-1AF
5325009667958 991S02-9-1AGV 991S02-9-1AF
5325123468722 991S02-10-1AGV 991S02-10-1AF
5325123409479 991S05-14-1AGV 991S05-14-1AF
5325015073826 991R2-3AGV 991R2-3AF
5325145334123 991R2-1AGV 991R2-1AF
5340-99-255-2807 V917L01-1X1AG  
5340320734152 V934L01-1X1BP  
5325991137700 40S5-6  
5325007580113 5R2-3  
5325013861979 R4G-3 R4G-2
5325123784268 991S05-7-1AGV 991S05-7-1AF
530701HS28382 50E21-17AGV  
5310-12-336-5965 V2600-LW-7  
5325-00-543-3769 2600-11S  
5325123482741 V26S04-41AGV  


How to install retaining washers 4002-SW-SS , 2600-SW , 5S3-2 and 991W02-1BP?

How to install retaining washers 4002-SW-SS , 2600-SW , 5S3-2 and 991W02-1BP?

The installation is done using a nose pliers tool.

1) place retaining ring on stud with slot aligned over left side of cross pin as shown on figure

2) snap retaining ring under cross pin using needle nose pliers then rotate retaining ring 180° until ring is over right side of cross pin as shown on figures 2 and 3

3) To complete installation, snap retaining ring over the right side of cross pin

4) completed installation is shown in figure 4

camloc retaining washer installation instructions
installation of slotted retaining washer

The slotted retaining washer provides the strongest way of securing a stud.  However it's labour intensive, so the moment you need to install more then 200 pieces, please look into the camloc catalogue for other alternatives.  There exist also slotted plastic retaining washers that can easily be installed with hand.

what does S signify on your drawings of quarter turns?

what does S signify on your drawings of quarter turns?

The S length helps you determine the Stud length number.

If you measure up this distance then you can calculate the stud length number

S = 16,00 +( 0,76 x stud length number) (this formula is not valid for every quarter turn, please contact us for the correct formula for your quarter turn)

However this method of reverse engineering does not give you full confidence that the length number is correct.

The best is, if you have a part, then there should be a number on the top of the stud.

If you do not have a part we can go through the calculation with you.

Please tell me more information

-          What is the part number of the receptacle

-          Which grommet will you use ; part number?

-          What’s the plate thickness

-          What’s the frame thickness

-          How many pieces do you need?

-          Do you need stainless steel parts or is zinc plated fine?

What rivet size goes together with the holes in your products

What rivet size goes together with the holes in your products
For hole size 2,5 and 2,6       - rivets with 2,5 mm diameter or blind rivets with 2,4 mm diameter
For hole size 3,1                   - rivets and blind rivets with 3,0 mm diameter
For hole size 3,3                   - blind rivets with 3,2 mm diameter
For hole size 3,6                   - rivets with 3,5 mm diameter
For hole size 4,2                   - rivets and blind rivets with 4,0 mm diameter
For hole size 5,1                   - rivets and blind rivets with 5,0 mm diameter
For hole size 6,3                   - rivets and blind rivets with 6,0 mm diameter
for example:

receptacle 214-16S has holes of 3.3mm
(this means rivets with a diameter of 3.2mm)

Is my stud length number calculation correct?

Is my stud length number calculation correct?


We are currently using a Knurled Head Camloc fastener P/N: 26S34-2B on our CN-235 Aircraft and I am researching for one of greater length for a modification. It has a type 1 receptacle and using the formula in the Catalogue on page F-1...G = P + F, I come up with G = 1.02 + 3.42, G = 4.44. This equates to a Stud Length No. 5. Please let me know if that is the correct method and assist me in the correct part number replacement for the 26S34-2B. Also, please provide a price quote and availability of the replacement fastener. Thank you in advance,


your calculation is 100% correct.
(in case there sits nothing in between the panels P & F)

how many pieces do you require?
do you accept instead of cadmium plated = 26S34-5B
the same part but in chrome plated 26S34-5
panel and frame camloc

déterminer le numéro de longueur de l'axe à l'aide de la valeur S

déterminer le numéro de longueur de l'axe à l'aide de la valeur S



nous sommes une société qui fabrique des paramoteurs drones et nous utilisons actuellement des vis 1/4 de tour Camloc sur notre appareil, que nous achetions chez un revendeur ULM.

Nous sommes actuellement en train de développer notre appareil et cela implique un changement d'épaisseur de certains éléments.

Nous avons fait un tour sur votre site ainsi que sur le site d'Anemo et nous avons trouvé le tableau des longueurs des axes de fermeture.

Vous calculez les longueurs d'axe via des numéros de longueur, malheureusement nous ne savons pas a quoi ça correspond, de notre coté nous avons des longueurs entre le sommet de la tête et le bas de la vis (longueur nommée S pour des Vis V26S01- *AGV)

Nous utilisons actuellement 2 types de vis V26S01-*AGV de longueur respective (S) de 23.3 et 27 mm et nous souhaiterions savoir a quels numéro de longueur elles correspondent dans votre tableau.

Merci d'avance pour votre réponse


panel and frame camloc panel and frame camloc


Les axes sont toujours déterminé par un numéro de longueur.
Cela veut dire que la dimension S donne une indication mais ne peut pas vous assurer le numéro correcte.

je vous conseille:
1) regarder sur la pièce que vous avez chez vous s'il y a un numéro écrit.
2) pour détérminer le numéro de l'axe, il me faut les infos suivantes:
- quel réceptacle vous utilisez
- les épaisseurs des panneaux P=? , F=?
3) dans votre cas: S correspond à la formule suivante:
S = 18,54 + (0,76 x n° de longueur)
23,3 - 18,54 = 0,76 x n°longueur    5,26
27,0 - 18,54 = 0,76 x n°longueur    11,13

il est alors possible que vous avez deux axes, une avec numéro de longueur = 5 , l'autre avec 11
mais cela est à vérifier avec les points numéro 1 et 2
ceci vous donnera une confirmation complète