How to select your vlier product

1 Select the type of Vlier plunger for your application by selecting in the table below



Standard Vlier plunger

Standard Plungers offer long travel, large bearing surfaces and numerous material and design options.


Stubby Vlier plunger

Stubby Plungers offer a compact plunger design ideal for applications with side loading requirements.


Ball Vlier plunger

Ball Plungers offer a compact design suitable for limited space applications and ideal for applications with side loading requirementss.


Push-Fit Ball Vlier plunger

Push-Fit Ball Plungers are designed for simple, easy installation into wood, soft plastic or aluminum. Ideal where a threaded plunger is impractical or when threaded adjustments are not required.

Knurled Knob Vlier Plungers

Knurled Knob Vlier Plungers

Knurled Knob Plungers offer a rugged, retractable plunger with a knurled grip that allows for easy retraction and engagement.

T-Handle Vlier Plungers

T-Handle Vlier Plungers

T-Handle Plungers offer a locking retractable plunger with an easy-to-grasp t-handle available in steel or stainless steel.

Pull-Ring Vlier Plungers

Pull-Ring Vlier Plungers

Pull-Ring Plungers offer a retractable plunger with an easy-grip pull-ring handle. Available in steel and stainless steel in a Locking Standard Size and Non-Locking Stubby.

Lever-Type Vlier Plungers

Lever-Type Vlier Plungers

Lever Type Plungers offer a versatile retractable plunger, locking and non-locking, standard and stubby styles.

2 Select light or heavy end force

3 Select the material

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Phenolic
  • Nylon or delrin


4 Select the thread size (hole diameter)

5 Identify the Vlier part number.
       Add any applicable prefix from the table header to specify the product material or type you want.

6 Do you need a thread locking element?

7 Contact Anemo engineering for technical advice or send your quote request

8 Did not find what you need, launch your special request!

When a standard Vlier plunger will not fulfill your requirements, a special design can be engineered that will.Over the years, Vlier has solved many complex problems with a wide variety of specials.

We will be happy to provide you with a promt quote for any requirement you may have.

We would require following information:

Quantity / year, number of years, target price and application info, before we launch an engineer on your project.


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