What does a certificate of conformity issued by Anemo mean?

Anemo can provide you at a charge of 30 euros or 35 USD or 30 GBP a certificate of conformity.

This certificate of conformity contains all necessary batch information, lot traceability about the parts you source from us.

It also contains traceability information so we can identify from which manufacturer the parts you sourced is produced.

The original manufacturer or subcontractor quality certs are maintained here in our offices for a period of 25 years.

The Anemo certificate of conformity will not show you who the original manufacturer of the parts is.
But you can always request an audit at our offices, to link the certificate of conformity with the original manufacturer or subcontractor.

By doing so, we have more freedom in order to help you with better delivery times or pricing or simply making the part again available for you as the original company did not want to make them anymore.