What Turnlock part number does ST9033.*.1AZ correlate to?

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The parts ST9033.*.1AZ are the same as part HHSTLW-*Z

ST9033.*.1AZ has a max tensile strength of 10,000 Newton and ST9033.*.1AZ has a max working temperature of 120 degrees Celsius.

For more information on ST9033.*.1AZ or how ST9033.*.1AZ is interchangeable with HHSTLW-*Z, please contact info@anemo.eu


ST9033.1.1AZ HHSTLW-1Z ST9033.2.1AZ HHSTLW-2Z
ST9033.3.1AZ HHSTLW-3Z ST9033.4.1AZ HHSTLW-4Z
ST9033.5.1AZ HHSTLW-5Z ST9033.6.1AZ HHSTLW-6Z
ST9033.7.1AZ HHSTLW-7Z ST9033.8.1AZ HHSTLW-8Z
ST9033.9.1AZ HHSTLW-9Z ST9033.10.1AZ HHSTLW-10Z
ST9033.11.1AZ HHSTLW-11Z ST9033.12.1AZ HHSTLW-12Z
ST9033.13.1AZ HHSTLW-13Z ST9033.14.1AZ HHSTLW-14Z
ST9033.15.1AZ HHSTLW-15Z ST9033.16.1AZ HHSTLW-16Z
ST9033.17.1AZ HHSTLW-17Z ST9033.18.1AZ HHSTLW-18Z
ST9033.19.1AZ HHSTLW-19Z ST9033.20.1AZ HHSTLW-20Z
ST9033.21.1AZ HHSTLW-21Z ST9033.22.1AZ HHSTLW-22Z
ST9033.23.1AZ HHSTLW-23Z ST9033.24.1AZ HHSTLW-24Z
ST9033.25.1AZ HHSTLW-25Z ST9033.26.1AZ HHSTLW-26Z
ST9033.27.1AZ HHSTLW-27Z ST9033.28.1AZ HHSTLW-28Z
ST9033.29.1AZ HHSTLW-29Z ST9033.30.1AZ HHSTLW-30Z
ST9033.31.1AZ HHSTLW-31Z ST9033.32.1AZ HHSTLW-32Z
ST9033.33.1AZ HHSTLW-33Z ST9033.34.1AZ HHSTLW-34Z
ST9033.35.1AZ HHSTLW-35Z ST9033.36.1AZ HHSTLW-36Z
ST9033.37.1AZ HHSTLW-37Z ST9033.38.1AZ HHSTLW-38Z
ST9033.39.1AZ HHSTLW-39Z ST9033.40.1AZ HHSTLW-40Z
ST9033.41.1AZ HHSTLW-41Z ST9033.42.1AZ HHSTLW-42Z
ST9033.43.1AZ HHSTLW-43Z ST9033.44.1AZ HHSTLW-44Z
ST9033.45.1AZ HHSTLW-45Z ST9033.46.1AZ HHSTLW-46Z
ST9033.47.1AZ HHSTLW-47Z ST9033.48.1AZ HHSTLW-48Z
ST9033.49.1AZ HHSTLW-49Z