With which latch should I use the correct lift spring V951L61-4BP or MPLLALS36-50S and V951L61-5BP or MPLLALS42-50S

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The lift springs in the V951L series come in two different versions.

V951L61-4BP or new part number MPLLALS36-50S  has a distance between the holes of 14.3mm, this lift spring should be used with following latchlocks

V951L02-1-1AGV , V951L02-1-1AD , V951L02-1-1BP , V951L04-1X1AGV , V951L04-1X1AD , V951L04-1X1BP  , MLLA36Z , MLLA36C , MLLA36SMLLAX36Z , MLLAX36C , MLLAX36S


V951L61-5BP or new part number MPLLALS42-50S has a distance between the holes of 12.7mm, this lift spring should be used with following latchlocks

V951L02-1-5AGV , V951L02-1-5BP , V951L04-1X5AGV , V951L04-1X5BP , V951L01-1Y5AGV , MLLA42Z , MLLA42S , MLLAX42Z , MLLAX42S , MLLAY42Z

if you want to use a lift spring with closed base, we offer a stock available zinc plated lift spring:

so optional you could use this lift spring also for latches:

V951L03-1-1AGV , V951L03-1-1BP , V951L03-1X1BP , V951L03-1X1AD , V951L03-1-1AD or MLLACB36Z , MLLACB36C , MLLACB36S , MLLACBX36C , MLLACBX36S