We're driven by providing Online Technical Help daily 

Anemo gives technical advise about fasteners that are used in planes, machines, trains, military and industrial vehicles...We hire people with preference with a foreign background. We grow with an average pace of +24% year.

You will join an international team: native people from Columbia, France, Syria, Flanders. 5 colleagues. This is an internal sales job. In the long run it can be that you visit the most important customers in your area.

You can find us on:

Submit your CV, don't hesitate to apply for a job even if  you do not match all of the criteria. We are very open for people from another country and who do their first work experience.  

Anemo Vacancies


Database support = data administrator

fluent English speaking skills

What does a database support do?

  • Creating, managing and optimization of various databases.
  • Thanks to your passion for data, you can analyse, design and validate of our data models.
  • You are responsible for accurately manage and customize the databases.

In addition, you are, together with the team,
co-responsible for sending the daily shipments and the necessary administration.

Your profile:

  • Very good in Excel.
  • Like to work independently?
  • In possession of sufficient IT knowledge?
  • Like working precise
  • You speak fluently English, extra language is an asset.
  • Driven to Learn
  • A great colleague for the team?

Here a detailed summary of your tasks:







-          Per part number create and fill in the details that can be found in the drawing, tables of the catalog or online from another website

-          Adding extra product pages into existing databases


Technical support is provided by the relevant product manager from the sales team




-          picture not working

Solution: inspect current website and compare with database and then re-upload the database or through uploading the picture on the server

-          correct wrong information on a product page

-          link does not work

Check database or another problem related to feed import which is then discussed and solved by our external IT-consultant

-          Resolve G-translated issues: for instance part number wrongly translated, creating a bad link

-          Solve 404’s: broken links


        Same errors are typically corrected on several websites which can have different databases.  The main platform = drupal





-          Make websites from scratch

-          Create overview pages with links to the product pages

-          Investigate if forms where people submit their details are (not)-working, verify if all leads are treated by sales in a control panel

-          Back-up websites before uploading changes, and restore in case needed

-          check security notifications and updates for domain names on different hosting providers such as vimex, antagonist, cloudflare,…

-          back up stock, create links and modify script

-          upload catalogs on hosting platforms

-          point of contact between Anemo and Connectify our external IT provider

-          fixing technical issues regarding printers, IP address..

-          buy domain names





-          Make an invoice, delivery note, certificate of conformity

-          Pack the goods, and take them out of our stock-system

-          Request pick-up from driver: DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, GLS,…

-          Book the sales result in the sales sheet

-          Occasionally send samples

-          Classify export documentation in correct folders


Technical Sales Advisor

fluent English speaking skills - another language is an asset

Your responsibility:

  • Technical advice via email & phone to engineers
  • make offers, follow up leads (contact with customers and suppliers)
  • administratieve support: packaging of goods – invoices - samples - ...
  • create website content of technical products in excell (make databases)
  • Marketing: update websites in Drupal and wordpress, google add words, make video’s & websites, SEO optimalisation, social media, newsletters, …
  • ...

Your profile:

  • You take responsibility and are helpfull
  • You have a technical bachelor or master degree.
  • You are internet native and can work good in excell
  • You speak fluently English,  another language is an extra asset
  • You have a commercial flair


What can we offer:

  • Every day something different in your job (a new application, project, different products, another country,…)
  • incentives, bbq, birthday lunch, together travelling with the company,…
  • pleasant familiar atmosphere because we're small
  • You can suggest your own idea, execute it and take responsibility
  • Do you help us to grow?
  • Your salary starts low and will gradually raise with a focus on nett income increasments, it might be we start with an IBO contract based on your CV

start: meal voachers, group insurance 92.08 euro per month
after 3 months: a smartphone , ipad or something else with a phone contract
after 6 months: hospital insurance, groupbonus at the end of the year. (Max. 2900 € nett per year)
after 1 year: profit sharing (winstpremie), (around x euro nett per year)

holidays are free to be taken, 22 days, (only between Christmass and New Year we close)   (in cooperation with colleagues)
acceptance of taking extra 10 days (non paid holidays)
You get the chance to develop your skills in an international environment and receive big independence

Please sollicit via: you can watch the job description also here .

4 advantages to start at Anemo

  • 1 no trafic jams:
    What's the value you offer to a company when you sit in your car two hours daily?
  • 2 You'll earn:
    you will get in touch with many different domains: marketing – technical design – sales – invoicing – delivery – after care – purchase – strategy – budget - ... a growth project for you: you start with the function tittle sales engineer and through experience you grow to a sales manager
  • 3 Negotiate the future of Anemo
    There is an open culture where your ideas can help to improve the results of the company. New inovative products, this can be your business unit later, ...
  • 4 we go each year on incentive, a summer bbq, lunch on your birthday, 3 AWD's (after work drinks)...

Wij DJERV'en!

Duidelijkheid, Juistheid, Eerlijkheid, Respect en Verantwoordelijkheid
Clear, Correct, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility
We have continuous hunger to new products to satisfy each engineer with his product design.
We are pro-active to avoid errors at our customers


Anemo offers a meaning in your life. 
You work during the nicest time of the day (between sunrise and sunset)
So better work in a company where you enjoy yourself and are challenged.
Our Team are all people with a strong drive.  Join us?