TurnLock Quarter Turn

TurnLock Fastener Quarter-Turn

Turnlocks are fasteners that are an easy and fast solution to open and close panels with a minimum effort.

However, these aren't fragile closing mechansims.

Turnlocks are resistant to vibrations, meaning that the turnlock 1/4 turn fastener will not open by itself but by manipulation.

A turnlock assembly gives you an easy and secure locking solution that's very easy to operate.

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A turnlock assembly needs at least 3 parts:

  • The Stud
  • The Retaining Washer
  • The Receptacle

Some series like the HGR needs also a grommet and a retaining ring.

Another series such as the LMH or the LEA you can use a grommet INSTEAD of a retaining washer, which makes the assembly much easier to install.

In order for the turnlock assembly to work, there needs to be a spring function involved. Depending on the series, this spring function will either be in the stud or in the receptacle.

These series have a number of advantages:

1. Easy to handle.

2. Readily available

3. Innovative

4. Reliable.


TurnLock Quarter-Turn fasteners are also the best alternative for Oddie Fasteners. 

TurnLock Series:

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 Light Duty TurnLock


LEA : Light Duty Easy Assembly

LEG : Light Duty Extended Grip

LMH : Light Duty Miniature Housed

LPT : Light Duty Push Turn

LPTEG : Light Duty Push Turn Extended Grip TurnLock

LOPMB : Light Duty One Piece Modular Bar

LOPHS : Light Duty One Piece Hole Shape

LOPFITL : Light Duty One Piece Fast Install TurnLock

LPP: Light duty Push Pull

LPP: Light duty Push Push


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Medium Duty TurnLock


MTH : Medium Duty Tiny Housed

MHS : Medium Duty High Strength

MPP : Medium Duty Push Push

MPT : Medium Duty Push Turn

MPTEG : Medium Duty Push Turn Extended Grip

MSHF : Medium Duty Spining Head Fastened

MWNF : Medium Duty Wire Nut Fastened


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Heavy Duty TurnLock


HHS : Heavy Duty High Strength

HGR : Heavy Duty Grommet Retained

HPT : Heavy Duty Push Turn

HST : Heavy Duty Shear Strength Tiny Housed

HEH : Heavy Extra High Strength Extended Grip


Turnlock Quarter Turns explained: