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Artificial Intelligence is going fast.. and we want to dive into it

When our CEO went to NY last summer, he send us a message saying he wanted to do something with AI. He and his family visited the MoMa and were impressed by the exhibited artwork of Refik Anadol. The exhibited artwork was completely AI generated/created, called "Unsupervised"

But what could we do with Artificial Intelligence in our business? We already tried different AI writing software for our blogs, and although it can be helpfull for the form, it isn't quite or even, not at all accurate. For this blogarticle, I wanted to generate a painting with a fastener, well guess what, Dall-E does not know what a fastener is. So I asked for a painting of a astronaut wanting to dive with a plane in the background, instead. Mission accomplished. What else could we do? Creating our own neural network for Chat GPT? We decided it would be far too risky at this point, as our product requires a lot of technical information. AI is only as good as the data it has been fed before, when it answers wrongly it can not say why it gave a wrong answer. 

The answer was more simple than we suspected. We deliver fasteners all over the world and our products are used in many different industries. So we figured that having our explanatory video's in languages we don't speak ourselves, could be advantagious to our clients. With the help of AI, we translated different video's into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, ... The result is amazing and it is fun to hear how the same voice is speaking a language they don't in real life. 

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Korean version of the explanatory video about Turn-Grip, the new fastener: 



Versus the original version: 


Turkish version of our explanatory video about Spanclamps:




Versus the original version: