Single Size Kits Imperial

TR17516 - amount of KNHM20x2.5

TR17516 - KRTM20-02

TR17566 - amount of KNHM20x1.5


 TR Series

TR kits are handy kits that contain multiple Clinserts.
They provide convenient storage and easy access to inserts.

There are 2 different kinds of TR kits available:
- TR kit for starters/repairs : Starter Kit/Repair Kit
- TR kit for refill: Refill Kit

Starter Kit / Repair Kit

Starter kits are kits designed for testing purposes and trials.
Each of this Kit contains a certain amount of Clinserts along with the appropriate installation tool for that Clinsert.

As example, you can see the content of the toolkit TR17714 .
It contains 3 Clinserts and 1 tool:

Refill Kit

These kits are designed to suite your need for extra Clinsert.

Each kit contains a certain amount of Clinsert.

Be advised that no installation tool is included in this kit!As example, you can see the content of the toolkit TR17765 It contains 10 Clinserts:


Part-noInt thread sizeExt thread Modified DiameterClinsertQty         Tool   QtyRefill kit            Clinsert  Quantity
TR177008-325/16-18CLH08329CLHT0832     1TR17750CLH0832 32
TR1770110-243/8-16CLH10249CLHT1024     1TR17751CLH102432
TR1770210-323/8-16CLH10329CLHT1032     1TR17752CLH1032 32
TR177031/4-207/16-14CLH4208CLHT420     1TR17753CLH420 31
TR177041/4-287/16-14CLH4288CLHT428     1TR17754CLH428 31
TR177055/16-181/2-13CLH5187CLHT518     1TR17755CLH518 27
TR177065/16-241/2-13CLH5247CLHT524     1TR17756CLH524 27
TR177073/8-169/16-12CLH6166CLHT616     1TR17757CLH616 24
TR177083/8-249/16-12CLH624 6CLHT624     1TR17758CLH624 24
TR177097/16-145/8-11CLH714 6CLHT714     1TR17759CLH714 22
TR177107/16-205/8-11CLH7206CLHT720     1TR17760CLH720  22
TR177111/2-133/4-16CLH8134CLHT813     1TR17761CLH813  16
TR177121/2-203/4-16CLH8204CLHT820     1TR17762CLH820  16
TR177139/16-123/4-16CLH9123CLHT912     1TR17763CLH912  12
TR177149/16-183/4-16CLH9183CLHT918     1TR17764CLH918  12
TR177155/8-117/8-14CLH10113CLHT1011     1TR17765CLH1011  10
TR177165/8-187/8-14CLH10183CLHT1018     1TR17766CLH1018   10
TR177173/4-101-1/8-12CLH12103CLHT1210     1TR17767CLH1210   7
TR177183/4-161-1/8-12CLH12163CLHT1216     1TR17768CLH1216   7
TR177197/8-91-1/4-12CLH14093CLHT1409     1TR17769CLH1409   6
TR177207/8-141-1/4-12CLH14143CLHT1414     1TR17770CLH1414   6
TR177211-81-3/8-12CLH16082CLHT1608     1TR17771CLH1608   3
TR177221-121-3/8-12CLH16122CLHT1612     1TR17772CLH1612   3