Threaded Parts

ClinsertsSteelsmith clamsp

Clinserts are high strength threaded inserts made from stainless steel 1.4305 or AISI303.

They are passivated according to EN 2516 or AMS 2700. Our standard product
ranges contains metric and imperial thread dimensions. Specials are
available upon request.

Auto-Lok Nuts

Auto-Lok Nuts self-locking nuts, are nuts which are slotted.

A slot has been cut across the width, after which a predefined force has been used to close the slot slightly.
When installing the nut, the slot will open again to allow full install of the nut over the full length of the thread. As the slot will want to close again due to the applied stress, the nut locks itself in

Sprung PlungersSteelsmith clamsp


There exist many types, the most standard one is the nose plunger which offers a long travel, if you are in limited space applications, we recommend you to use the stubby plunger, if you have an application with side loads, please use the ball plunger. Furthermore we offer a range of quick release plungers which can operated by a knob, a knurled head a pull ring, a T-handle or an L-handle
Every plunger is equipped with an internal compressed spring with a force that can be high or low. The outside of a plunger is usually threaded.  Some plungers are installed however by simply pushing them in the wanted place. Plungers have a piston that can be either a ball or a nose.

Rapid Inserts

Rapid Inserts

Rapid Inserts are Inserts to make your fastener connection stronger, and is to repaire the damaged thread.

Rapid Inserts has serverl types:
Self Tapping Rapid Inserts for Metals
Self Tapping Rapid Inserts for Wood
Wire Threaded Rapid Inserts for Metals

There are many kind of nuts. When your application is subject to vibrations and torque, nuts can loosen.There for it is best to use locking nuts. Locking nuts are nuts that resist loosening under vibrations and torque.SNEP , Simmonds self-locking nuts , Tight Secure Fasteners ,and Other locking nuts.Keenserts ® are used in alloys, light materials, steel and cast iron to increase the strength of the thread in these materials. Keenserts is a registered brand name of howmet Aerospace. They can be used for thread repair, if the defected thread has to be replaced with the same nominal diameter. Keenserts ® are standard available in stainless steel and have 2 or 4 pre-assembled kees according to the dimensions. Recoil Kits  contain your basic requirements to perform a thread repair job. Recoil’s kits are utilised worldwide in industrial, automotive & aerospace maintenance solutions. Depending the series, and size of the insert, the kits can contain a certain amount of inserts and tools. Wire Threaded Inserts  are what the name say: threaded inserts made out of a wire. These are ideal for thread repair jobs.Vlier Mechanical Components, Plungers