Smart Block Pins


Smart Block Pins

Are a versatile tool range, they can be used
in many applications such as fastening and alignment of panels.

The Smart feature are the fastening balls, these will not
retract until the button is pressed. This ensures a more time efficient opening
and closing of panels.

The shanks can be made in stainless steel
17-4PH and 431. The buttons in Anodised blue and handles in black aluminium
(anodised black).

The composition of these pins ensures a high
level of tensile strength as well as a suitable corrosion resistance and

High Shear Pins:

A high strength product with a simpler
actioning mechanism, for fast frequent connections. 

This product can be used in aerospace, industrial,
manufacturing and military applications has can be produced in 3 different
grades according to the final application.


SU GradeUntempered stainless steel, for applications that require a high shear strength and corrosion resistance is not important.

ST GradeTempered stainless steel, our standard version.

SS GradePrecipitation hardened stainless steel, for applications that require a very high corrosion resistance and the highest shear strength.

SV GradePassivated Stainless Steel, for applications that require exceptional corrosion resistance and a high shear strength.

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