Heavy duty shaft coupling

SpanClamps Shaft Coupling - Heavy Duty

Strong clamping by the spring


400N Clamping Force

Multipurpose coupling Element

Shear Strenght = 4800N

Easy to use by turning 90°

Since we launched the current shaft coupling clamp, many customers got interested in it and considered it to install in their products or production equipment.

We found some of them gave up using our clamp due to the lack of clamping force. If the customer connects and disconnects a heavy attachment with shaft coupling Spanclamp standard SCBIS, there is a gap between the 2 parts because its clamping force is 90N.

This could happen in pusher changeover of packaging machine or attachment changeover of capping machine.  

Solution: Heavy duty shaft coupling clamp

We developed a heavy duty shaft coupling clamp to cover these customers and applications. The reason is the same when we developed heavy duty quarter turn SCQTHD.

And some mechanical engineers just prefer a stronger fastener just in case, even if they do not need it.

We also have the Shaft Coupling SpanClamp with Safety Lock. It has a safety lock to resist rotation torque. It can be a solution for connecting a gripping fixture for preform in a PET bottle making machine.

  Build-in Receptacle Receptacle
                SCHDBIS     SCHDSBIR                 SCRHDBI

How to Use

1- Align the cam groove with the ball in Locking Receptacle and insert.
2- Turn the shaft for 90° to clamp. The element clicks when clamped. For unclamping, follow back these steps


When the cam groove moves along the balls inside the receptacle, the spring gets compressed to clamp the shafts.