Sprung Plungers

A plunger is not a bolt or a screw.  It is a small piston that provides its users the possibility to lock, position, secure or fasten another part.

There exist many types, the most standard one is the nose plunger which offers a long travel, if you are in limited space applications, we recommend you to use the stubby plunger, if you have an application with side loads, please use the ball plunger. Furthermore we offer a range of quick release plungers which can operated by a knob, a knurled head a pull ring, a T-handle or an L-handle
Every plunger is equipped with an internal compressed spring with a force that can be high or low.
The outside of a plunger is usually threaded.  Some plungers are installed however by simply pushing them in the wanted place.
Plungers have a piston that can be either a ball or a nose.

How to choose your plunger

  1. Select what kind of plunger you require for your application: enhanced or quick release
  2. Select the type of plunger you require for your application
  3. Select light or heavy end force
  4. Select the material
  5. Select the thread size
  6. Do you require a thread locking element?

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