do you have threaded receptacles for the 991F series? 3140R01-1M and 3257R01-1BP

new threaded receptacles for the 991F series have been developed 3140R01-1M and 3257R01-1BP

take care, these receptacles are capacities, and cannot be used with standard studs, since pull out strength is lower.
We need to study each application to know if the threaded receptacle can be suggested.


The first threaded receptacle 3140R01-1M is a combination of our current technology of producing keenserts with an integration of a receptacle form.
this receptacle is made of brass
it should be installed flush in the panel,
contact us back for specific panel preparation.
This receptacle is at this moment only used with a specific stud, which is part 3140S01-1BP and 3140S01-1AK5

3140R01-1M3140S01-1BP 3140S01-1AK5


This receptacle 3257R01-1BP is a receptacle that has a form that has two ways of installing.
either with a nut, which is part 3257S11-1BP or in a blind hole.
camloc receptacle 3257R01-1BP needs to be installed flush, The thread locking is ensured by micro encapsulated chemical compound.
important is that when installing the receptacle in a blind hole, the thread should be oil and dirt free of course.