How does Titanium (Ti) preform threading into stainless steel?

How does Titanium (Ti) preform threading into stainless steel?


We have areas in our machines that require all stainless structure with  fasteners and thread galling is an issue.  Also roughly how much more are the Ti fasteners?


normally the titanium tends to seize by its nature. usually we can make three types of surface treatments, in order to help against galling:

1) hard anodized blue

2) application of a lubricating grease spray

3) application of lubricant in PVD hard


Why opt for Titanium fasteners

Why opt for Titanium fasteners

1) Titanium has the highest strength‐to‐weight
ratio of any metal.
In it's unalloyed version titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter


2) As steel prices rise and smelting technology advances, titanium becomes a more affordable option for the military and aerospace industries.


3) Titanium has an excellent corrosion resistance
Like stainless steel it is dependant upon an oxide film, therefore it performs best in oxidizing media such as hot nitric acid.  It performs even better then stainless steel in media like sea water, wet chlorine or organic chlorines. (Take care, it is not immune, when temperature is elevated, pitting and crevice attack can occur)

The oxide film starts with a thickness of 1-2 nm and grows up to 25 nm after 4 years

4) it's the 4th most abundant metal on earth, the supply of Titanium is unlimited
5) engineers also aperciate the flexibility of this metal: elastic modulus that is approx. 55% of steel
6) double fatigue life compared to steel

(Titanium is not magnetic compared to steel)
Consider using Titanium:
- fewer fasteners are needed then when using standard steel, eliminating installation costs
- due to longer life, less maintenance costs
- no paiting or other protection is required
- no creeping or deforming under high temperatures 


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New product available at Anemo Engineering: AES Titanium - Titanium screws

New product available at Anemo Engineering: AES Titanium - Titanium screws

In continuous search for new products, we engaged ourselves in a new productline from Titanium screws.

With this new productline we are able to serve our most demanding customers in the aerospace, military, electronic, nuclear and robotics sector.
Titanium products have the benifit of being very light while maintining some very strong mechanical and physical properties.
Our AES Titanium range can be ordered based on DIN, ISO and UNI regulations.
The products can be ordered in different colors depending the customers request.
For more details on the AES Titanium productline, you can access the catalogue through this link: catalog AES Titanium.

Colored AES Titanium products Colored AES Titanium products