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Logo Shangles Hinges, or shangles, are used on moving compartments like panels and doors.

They allow perfect guided movement of the component, ensuring that it stays connected and always moves according to a fixed path.

Contact us for any hinge you need. We deliver in 3-5 weeks any special hinge made to plan.

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Stainless steel 316 Shangles

Long Piano Hinge Conceiled Hinge Square Hinge Heavy duty Hinge
Long Piano Hinges Conceiled Hinges Square Hinges Heavy Duty Hinges
Anti-rust Hinge Miniature bend Hinge Swing Spring Hinge
Anti-rust Hinges Miniature Bend Hinges Swing Spring Hinges Other Hinges


Standard Range Shangles

Square Hinge Rectangular Hinge Conceiled Hinge Reinforced Hinge
Square Hinges Rectangular Hinges Conceiled Hinges Reinforced Hinges
Hinge with leaves Partly removable Hinge Adjustable Hinge Panel Hinge
Hinges with Leaves Partly Removable Hinges Adjustable Hinges Panel Hinges
Torsion Hinge Locking Hinge Pin Hinge
Torsion Hinges Locking Hinges Pin Hinges Other Hinges