Gralab Timers

Gralab Timers are versatile, accurate time-keeping devices that are reliable and simple to use.
GraLab electromechanical and electronic timers have earned this reputation through more than 50 years of proven service. 
Chefs, scientists, photographers, plant personnel and athletic directors know our timers by name. That’s because every time you choose a GraLab timing device, you get the industry’s most accurate and trusted timer.
GraLab electronic timers come in a variety of electromechanical and digital configurations and are versatile enough to be applied in a wide range of applications.

Gralab Timer

7-165-160RSports timerTimer 120V/60Hz
7-170-160RScientific timer - 60 hourTimer 120V/60Hz
7-171-150RScientific timer - 60 minTimer 120V/50Hz
7-171-160RScientific timer - 60 minTimer 120V/60Hz
7-171-250RScientific timer - 60 minTimer 240V/50Hz
7-172-150RScientific timer - 15 minTimer 120V/50Hz
7-172-160RScientific timer - 15 minTimer 120V/60Hz
7-172-250RScientific timer - 15 minTimer 240V/50Hz
7-173-160RScientific timer - 15 hourTimer 120V/60Hz
7-173-250RScientific timer - 15 hourTimer 240V/50Hz
7-254-160RFood timer - 60 minTimer 120V/60Hz
7-255-160RFood timer - 15 minTimer 120V/60Hz
7-300-150RDarkroom timer - 60 minTimer 120V/50Hz
7-300-160RDarkroom timer - 60 minTimer 120V/60Hz
7-300-250RDarkroom timer - 60 minTimer 240V/50Hz
5-451-156Industrial timer - 99 minTimer 120V/50-60Hz
5-451-256Industrial timer - 99 minTimer 240V/50-60Hz
565-05Foot switch