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The Series 35 camlock hacks an all-new mechanism based on a revolutionary and unique asymmetrical warded keyway. Seven stainless steel locking elements fasten the central core to the outer body and it has a hardened steel anti-drill centre post. Further protection from drilling is provided by a second hardened roller inside the lock, which spins freely when a drill bit comes into contact with it.

The new mechanism and strong construction stand up to the ever-increasing threats from criminals. These range from opportunistic crimes using brute force to carefully planned attacks by organised gangs employing more insidious methods such as picking, bumping or unauthorised key duplication. The Series 35 has no 'shear line', with its associated susceptibility to picking and bumping. The internal components are machined from brass for excellent durability and reliability. The black nickel plated finish will enhance the appearance of any application.

Initially, the new range comprises three body lengths of camlock in the conventional 19mm x 16mm 'double D' profile.

The Series 35 will afford a simple retro-fit upgrade for most popular styles of specialist locks or can be designed into new equipment where high security and peace of mind is paramount.

Over 750,000 different key combinations are available, allowing an exclusive key combination to be allocated to the user or purchaser. This combination can be registered online, to ensure that only authorised personnel can obtain extra keys. The new octagram-shaped fin Series 35 key is available only from Camlock, which ensures no blanks will be available to key cutters.

A wide range of 2.5mm thick x 16mm wide zinc plated steel cams is available, allowing the lock to be used on many applications.

Typical applications include amusement machines, gaming machines, snooker/pool tables, kiddie rides, juke boxes, cabinets, mail boxes, drugs & medicines cabinets, deed boxes, cash boxes, parking ticket machines, note & coin acceptors/validators, self service kiosks, chemical storage cabinets and key exchange boxes.


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